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Only four out of 29 GCC garbage vehicles roadworthy

Councilor Moremi calls for GCC audit

INSET: Councillor Moremi

The Gaborone City Council is in the Intensive Care Unit and it is only a matter of time before the public is forced to dispose of litter at a very high fee.

Only four out of 29 compact vehicles owned by the council are operational, and many of them are grounded for minor faults such as empty battery, broken windscreen, and flat tyre amongst others.

This was revealed Councilor Tshepho Moloko in response to the mayor’s speech on Tuesday.

“What is going on at the city council is a disaster. How is it possible that private companies with only four vehicles are able to conveniently collect garbage whilst the council has a fleet of 29 vehicles but it cannot do the work? Something is not right here,” said the councilor.

She said that there is a lot of laziness in the city council and that something should be done urgently to correct this.

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Other councilors said that there is a lot of corruption and that there is need for an urgent audit of the city council before it totally collapses.

Councilor for Morula Ward, Khuki Moremi, said she was aware of tenders that were corruptly awarded and that there are some projects that were never delivered.

“We are talking about instances where P4 million was spent to build a road, yet there is no such road,” she said, much to the applause of fellow councilors.

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