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Brutal child molester locked up for 12 years

He did not show any remorse – court


A Lobatse Magistrates court has sentenced a 28 -year-old man to a 12-year prison term for brutally raping a 7-year-old primary school girl in Otse early this year.

The man, Moses Malope was discharged from his second charge of child abduction after the court decided that it was premature for the state to separate the charges.

Malope had been charged with child abduction and aggravated rape.

“It is however the view of this court that the prosecution improperly split the charges. The acts constituted a single transaction. His intention was to know her carnally which is a common element in both offences and hence there is an overlap,” reads the judgment in part.

The convicted child molestor in the view of the court did not show any remorse.

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“By no means did the accused show any signs of contrition towards his action. The victim was a child, aged seven years and hence a vulnerable member of the society. It is without a doubt that this offence has left the complainant with physical, emotional, psychological trauma,” reads the sentence.

According to the facts of the case the seven -year old on January 28, 2020 left to school in the morning and as it was a norm she was expected back home at 1300 hrs.

However, on the particular day she did not come back home at the expected time.

“Ultimately she explained her failure to go home to the effect that when she knocked off at school she walked home alone and whilst on the way she was stopped by Malope who was in a certain yard within the proximity of their school. She further set forth that he offered her some snacks and ultimately led her into his house,”reads the court record.

It is further on record that whilst in the house, Malope led her into the bedroom and placed her on a bed.

He is then said to have undressed himself, exposed his penis to her, undressed her and penetrated both her vagina and anus with his penis, which resulted in her to bleed profusely.

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The seven year old further told court that he then went on to ask her to suck his penis like she would a lollipop.

Hours later the young school girl after a short search was discovered unconscious at Malope’s home by an angry mob of villagers.

“It is in evidence that she sustained third degree injuries characterized by the teared hymen and perineum. Clearly she lost her chastity in the most brutal manner and her dignity has been eroded,” the court concluded.

1 Comment

1 Comment


    January 3, 2021 at 5:22 am

    Hello! Who was the judge/magistrate in this case?

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