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Yun genius karate academie celebrate 19 years



Yun genius karate academie celebrate 19 years

Founded in 2001 by a passionate Karate Instructor Sensei Otsile Motsamai, Yun Genius Karate Academie celebrated their 19 years of their existence in Tati Siding this past Saturday.

5o athletes were awarded certificates of appreciation for their contribution to the growth of the club.

Yun genius karate academie celebrate 19 years

Yun genius karate academie celebrate 19 years

The event held at Bugal Primary School was graced by Kgosi Simon Nkageng of Tati Siding and Principal Education Officer North East, Shingile Malibala.

Motsamai started the academie in Chobe village before relocating to Francistown to continue with his passion for training kids aged between four and 21.

“Today we’ve branches in Mmadinare, Tonota, Tati Siding, Francistown, Mahalapye, Palapye, and Selibe Phikwe,” said Motsamai, further revealing his Academie has 11 athletes in the national team.

“Karate is my life. I do it wholeheartedly as it is my passion and source of income,” he said.

In his welcome remarks, Kgosi Nkageng stated that there is a lot that can be earned from Karate.

Nkageng said if the athletes remain focused they’ll be spared from the many social ills.

“It defines who one is more so that it teaches self-defense but not necessarily meaning one has to go around beating up people. It also teaches perseverance and respect needed for one to succeed in life,” said Nkageng.

Giving a keynote address Malibala stated that Karate as a sport has been significantly growing in Botswana.

“I urge girls to join karate in large numbers as it will help them defend themselves more especially in this era of escalating cases of Gender-Based-Violence. I was very happy to see the club. It shows that you’re in the right direction,” he said.

Yun genius karate academie celebrate 19 years

Yun Genius Karatekas

The Principal Education further reiterated the importance of Karate in shaping one’s character and as a way of keeping fit.

“Not only that, athletes can have the privilege of representing their country at international sports events and can turn professional and make an honest living through the sport,’ said Malibala.


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