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Boy, 8, allegedly witnesses mum’s murder



CHARGED: Kgosintwa

A Molepolole mother-of-three has likely become the latest victim of Gender Based Violence (GBV) in Botswana while her eight-year-old son watched on, helpless to intervene.

37-year-old Marry Mampotoko Adamo was found hanging from the rafters of her bedroom in the early hours of Monday morning.

Although he maintains his innocence, it is believed Marry’s boyfriend, Kabelo Simon Kgosintwa, 38, strangled her before trying to pass her death off as suicide.

In an emotional interview with The Voice, the deceased’s father, Nnikinyana Adamo, 73, revealed the accused arrived at his place at around 9:30 on Sunday evening.

“He used to visit my daughter at night and leave in the morning. The deceased was sleeping with her eight-year-old son who has witnessed some of the things which were done to his mother. In the morning, the boy came to inform me that his mother was hanging on the rafters. I went to the house and was shocked to find my daughter’s lifeless body hanging on top of a fridge, her neck in a noose of rope,” narrated the old man, his weathered face dark with anguish.

According to Nnikinyana, Marry and Kgosintwa started dating in 2019 but their relationship was a difficult one.

“The suspect once pushed and banged her on the floor and she sustained injuries on her head which she became mentally disturbed. As a single parent I tried my best to report the matter to the police for them to evict the suspect from my yard but it delayed and led to the case that my daughter is now dead,” grieved Nnikinyana, who described his daughter as a ‘hardworking, humble woman’.

The third born of five, Marry left behind three children, a girl and two boys, none of whom were fathered by Kgosintwa.

When appearing for arraignment before Molepolole Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday, Kgosintwa maintained his girlfriend had killed herself.

“May I be granted bail? When I left the deceased’s place, her 14-year-old son asked me to give him P2, which I told him to get from his mother at the house. Why didn’t he find his mother dead? The boy can witness for me,” insisted the murder suspect.

“How could I lift up such a big person like her?” Kgosintwa queried, before leaving the dock.


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