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Foul mouthed son accused of killing his mother

Foul mouthed son accused of murdering his mother
FLASHBACK: Bapindi during a previous court appearance

This time, the accused killer found himself in trouble for his foul mouth.

Sitting in the shade of a tree at Maitengwe Customary Court this Wednesday, a middle-aged woman sobbed uncontrollably as a police van drove slowly past.

The heavily shackled man in the back of the cop car was her brother, 39-year-old Mooketsi Bapindi.

He is accused of murdering their mother, Maina Keagile, 59, reportedly battering the old woman to death with a hoe in her garden on the evening of 27 September 2020.

However, that was not the reason for Bapindi’s appearance before the tribal authority.

This time, the accused killer found himself in trouble for his foul mouth.

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A day before he allegedly murdered her, the Maitengwe man is said to have insulted his mother and three sisters – including the woman crying miserably under the tree.

Court heard that on the day in question, Bapindi turned up at the family home in Mazowa ward steaming drunk, and then proceeded to swear and shout profanities at all four women.

The unprintable profanities would eventually land Bapindi’s bottom on a hot date with the cane.

The cops were promptly called and Bapindi was apprehended, spending the night in the cells sweating off the alcohol.

The following morning, in the presence of police officers, Bapindi apologised for his outburst, blaming his actions on the booze.

He was then set free and is said to have gone out drinking again before returning to allegedly kill his mother later that same day.

When asked to enter a plea, the suspect told the court he had just come to hear the sentence.

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Unimpressed with Bapindi’s carefree attitude, Maitengwe Chief, Shadreck Mphala retorted, “Do you plead guilty or not? Answer the question and stand up straight in court!”

Seemingly rattled by the straight-talking Kgosi, Bapindi then admitted his guilt.

Summing up the case before his ruling, Chief Mphala said, “Being drunk at the time he committed the offense is not an excuse. He knew very well what he was saying. The offense committed by the accused is worrisome in the village. It is not a Setswana culture for a man his age to insult his mother and sisters.”

The Chief then ordered Bapindi to be given six strokes of the cane for his foul mouth behavior.

He will nurse his bruised buttocks behind bars as he remains on remand for the murder of his mother, a case which is set to resume before Masunga Magistrates Court on 21 January.

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