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My husband is just insecure- Kagiso Sento

FIGHTING: Vee and Kagiso had a dispute over Kagiso's phone

Kwaito-Kwasa star, Odirile ‘Vee’ Sento’s wife, Kagiso says dramatic events that took place when the couple ushered in the new year- resulting in police intervention, were a result of her husband’s insecurities in their relationship.

The couple welcomed the new year with a night of violence as cops were called to their posh Phakalane home where Vee chose to settle the matter without pressing any charges.

Yesterday (Saturday), after details of their dramatic night went viral on social media, Kagiso invited The Voice to give her side of the story. “We had been hanging out by the pool area like a regular family. At around 2am the children retired for bed whilst we continued our night watching television,” Kagiso said, pausing occasionally to attend to phone calls by family and other well-wishers.

“As the night went on I received a phone call from one of his fans wishing us a happy new year,” she said, continuing the interview with The Voice. “As soon as I hung up the call Vee accused me of infidelity and I tried to explain to him who the person on the phone was,” Kagiso explained.

According to Kagiso the altercation got so intense that the Kwaito Kwasa star smashed her phone beyond repair. “I then called one of my friends still trying to explain to my husband who that person was. He was having none of it and he smashed my phone. Out of anger I tried to wrestle for his phone but he managed to hide it from me,” Kagiso continued.

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Although she denied beating up her husband, Kagiso admitted that she tried to smash his vehicles in retaliation. “He smashed my phone for no reason. That is why I flipped and wanted to smash the cars. His insecurities got the best of him. I never touched him physically. It was just a verbal altercation. He has never touched me physically either,” she further stated.

“I was just retaliating because he broke my phone. I love my husband and my family, I wouldn’t just act out for no reason. It’s just unfortunate that you got the story that I wouldn’t want to go public, “Kagiso stated.

According to the fashionable wife of the superstar, as the altercation went on, her husband was able to call security as she threatened to smash his cars in retaliation.

“He locked me inside the house as I threatened to smash his cars. He then called security. The bit about me hitting him and him not pressing charges is not a true reflection of what happened. I am the one who asked him to leave because had he stayed in that night, things would have gotten out of control, “she explains.

Throughout the interview Kagiso maintains she wouldn’t act out for no reason. She maintains she was retaliating because of the situation.

“I am being labelled as some psycho but I am not. I wouldn’t just assault my husband. I never did. I never touched him. I would be lying if I say he laid hands on me too.”

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Vee’s phone has also since been unreachable.




  1. Phenyo

    January 3, 2021 at 2:31 pm

    Baakanyang good people…we all go through such..whts important is fixing

  2. Gorata pogoyame

    January 3, 2021 at 2:42 pm

    Itshwarelaneng tlhe bathong😭😭😭

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