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William, from comic great to hip hop sensation

William from comic great to hip hop sensation
RECORD BREAKER: Motsetserepa

Proving he is a chameleon when it comes to talent, last year William Last KRM seamlessly made the transition from comedy to music.

William is one of the most followed personalities in Botswana, the 22-year-old funnyman has already had a serious impact on the Hip Hop game.

Indeed, the local lad born Bofelo William Molebatsi is fast on his way to becoming a global superstar.

His big break came back in April last year when rapper Chris Brown gave the comedian a shout out through his Instagram page.

William is also known as Motsetserepa, a youngster who has gone on to captivate the international crowd with his debut album ‘Willian’ drawing critical acclaim from some of the best in the business.

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The video for his hit single ‘Tinto’ has also gone viral, gaining 1.1 million YouTube views in a month.

Kicking off Big Weekend 2021 in style, The Voice’s SHARON MATHALA caught up with the man of the moment to talk about life in the limelight.

What does KRM stand for in your stage name?

Well, that is a good one [question] because I don’t think people have figured that out yet.

William is my second name.

Last is the direct translation of my first name, Bofelo, and KRM stands for ‘Kaofela Re Mapantsola’ and so William Last KRM.

You worked incredibly hard last year, what drove you to such limits?

Well, I have a child now.

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I am a father to a beautiful baby girl but besides that, I would say I was inspired by my background.

My family is not that well off, so I wanted to change that situation, but also because I love what I do, you know.

Have you always been into performing arts?

Well, you could say so because I was with the drama class during my formal school days and would meet up with my friends for rap battles during our spare time.

So actually my life now is panning out the way I would have liked it too.

I am doing what I love, the only difference is that now it is a career.

Your music career has started in sensational style – did you anticipate this type of breakthrough?

I did not, to be honest.

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What I do know is that I have worked hard this past year.

I am a father now and that pushes me to push beyond limits.

I come from a humble background and so I told myself I needed to push myself and provide a better life for my family.

I have been blessed beyond.

Apparently, you have attracted international interest?


I have been approached by two companies.

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I am still in talks with them and weighing my options.

But I am not in a rush!

Which companies are those?

I wouldn’t want to name them now because we are still in negotiations but I am seriously weighing my options for a better deal.

But like I said I am in no rush.

What do you mean you are in no rush?

Because I know how a bad record deal can damage an emerging artist’s brand and plans.

Some deals may tie you down such that they would not allow you to work with certain brands.

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I do not want to rush into signing any contract or deal before I study the fine print.

I know of entertainers who have fallen into the trap, they would concentrate on the money and forget the fine print.

What would be the best record label deal for you right now?

Well, I don’t want a contract that would want me to focus on my music and neglect my comedy or vice versa.

I don’t want a deal that would basically dictate who I work with and who I don’t.

I would rather do it myself just like I have been doing, but I can never say never.

I am not desperate to sign anything at the moment, to be honest.

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You must be receiving advice from all corners on what to do next…

I have always had a team behind me; my family is always looking out for me.

So yes, I am getting a lot of people telling me what to do but I am obviously trying to practice self-restraint and make the best possible decision for me and my business.

I am trying to capitalize on the fame I have now and make it count.

Tell us more about your music.

My music career is doing great now, actually, it’s doing better than I anticipated.

I have released two video singles and ‘Tinto’ is the one that is doing great right now.

It is playing internationally and I have been getting a lot of international recognition.

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Who came up with the storyline for the ‘Tinto’ video?

It was all of Director Mo’s idea.

He knows I am a ‘lepantsola’ at heart and so he came up with the idea to have them in the video.

Director Mo is one of the best directors in the country and I am pretty excited about our next project.

Are you generating any income from your impressive viewership numbers on the media platforms?


On YouTube when you upload a video on the site and as long as it has your rights and it is registered, you make money on views and on the length of the video.

I have not cashed in yet but the money is still cashing in and so I need those views.

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What are your plans for 2021?

I want to push more videos and push more content.

I want to release more quality videos with subtitles because my international followers have been inboxing me telling me they do not understand the language.

So you plan to export your work?

Oh yes! The plan is to go outside Botswana, and not only Africa but try and penetrate the States market.

If I don’t go to America this year I will literally kill myself!

How did your love for Hip Hop come about?

I have actually always been into music, it is just that the comedy was more prominent.

Look, the fact of the matter is, as an entertainer there has to be that something that helps you push to the skies.

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Comedy helped get my name out there no doubt – if it was not for comedy my music career would have taken ages to jet off.

Have you experienced jealousy from others in your industry?

Oh yes, they have tried!

I won’t name them but there are people out there who were friends, ever since I blew up they started calling me names and tried to bring me down.

How do you handle all the attention in the streets?

Look the truth is the personality people see on TV and on social media is not the same person you will probably meet in the streets.

I am actually more reserved in person.

I always feel like I don’t fit in, so I always just try to keep to myself but obviously now people recognize me and they approach me for pictures or small chat and so I gotta play it cool.

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How many selfies would you say you take in a day?

More than 100! Even worse if I attend major events I actually take more than that!

Thank God It’s Friday, what will you be up to?

I will be working.

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