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Celeb edition with Bonno Bambino Seloka

Celeb edition with Bonno Bambino Seloka

At the start of the year, few had heard of Bonno Bambino Seloka.

Fast forward to February and she is the latest comedian to make a splash on social media.

MmaRabachanaki hit the big time for her Facebook video, in which she pleads with her lover to buy her Ferrero Rocher chocolates for Valentines.

Uploaded on 25 January, the short skit has since gone viral, catapulting ‘ST’ to Celeb Edition status.

Celeb edition with Bonno Bambino Seloka


For those who have never heard of you, how would you describe yourself?

I come from Digawana, as do both of my parents.

I come from a typical Setswana family set-up.

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I grew up in Lobatse and did all my schooling there.

I have three siblings and I am the last born.

I also have a five-year-old son.

I am just your typical girl next door really, nothing fancy about my life.

And have you always been into comedy?

I have never really been ‘into’ comedy but people around me are always in tears laughing, even when I’m just trying to express myself.

Sometimes I crack jokes without actually realising it’s a joke!

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A born comedian then! So, how did the name Rabachanaki come about?

I get this question a lot but there is nothing fancy about the name/phrase.

There were actually these two brothers at my church and they called each other Rabachanaki.

I found it really funny then and so I thought I should share it with others.

How has your Valentine’s video changed your life?

This video wasn’t really meant for Facebook.

I shot the video for my WhatsApp status just to make my contacts laugh but unfortunately, or perhaps, fortunately, someone decided to upload it onto Facebook.

It has changed my life because now after the video I received so much love from Batswana.

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I never thought one day I’d be known in all corners of Botswana and even surrounding countries.

So many opportunities have come up through this video.

I may just end up making a living out of this!

Did you expect the video would prove so popular?

Not at all!

First of all, I must say I never really thought it was that funny.

At first, I was a bit skeptical about it being on Facebook, like I said I am not the one who posted it.

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So at first, I did not know how people will receive it.

I never thought it would trend this much.

How are you handling fame and attention?

I try so hard to be content.

I suppose it hasn’t really set in.

I am still the same old me, the same old ST.

Plus most of the time I am just home and maybe because I am just home it hasn’t really set in other than if I went out to public places to meet people.

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What else are you into, career-wise?

I am an Early Childhood Educator (ECE).

I love working with kids so I’ll maintain that going forward.

But now I have fallen in love with the comedy thing and I love what I am about to do.

And so my future plan is maybe to enroll at a creative school and not just have the talent but also the certificate to back it up.

Who inspires you in life?

Definitely Steve Harvey.

I love watching his shows and I have read his bio and it really touched me.

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I have picked a lot of me in him.

I am addicted to his motivational speeches because they are so relatable.

Five things people don’t know about you?

1 & 2. I love singing; God has blessed me with such a beautiful voice

3. I am a shy person, and so when people meet me on the streets they will probably meet a different person from what they see on social media

4. I like my space. I love quiet time alone because I think a lot

5. I love cooking. I am actually a very good cook

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