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Netball chaos


14 clubs flout Registrar of Society regulations

Botswana Netball Association (BONA)’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) scheduled for last Saturday was postponed at the last minute after it became apparent that delegates were not members of the association in good standing.

In a shocking turn of events, it was discovered that all the 14 netball teams had submitted their annual returns with the Registrar of Society in contravention of the association’s constitution. In accordance with the constitution, the assembly had to be postponed, to be rescheduled in 30 days.

Speaking to Voice Sport a disappointed BONA Secretary-General Ntebo Maplanka, said her committee inherited the mess when they came into office in 2019.

She said they found a letter from the Registrar when they got into office informing them that their teams were not complying and that one of them has been deregistered.

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“13 clubs were not in compliance and had not submitted their 2019 annual returns. One was deregistered on the 17th of January 2013 but surprisingly the team has been our affiliate for the last seven years,” said a shocked Maplanka.

“This shows that things were not been done right. When we went for the 2020 general meeting all the teams were in good standing because we had invited Botswana National Sports Commission to address teams on the importance of submissions of the annual returns,” she said.

Maplanka said they were also given assurance by BNSC that all sports codes will be given a template of compliance.

“We are still waiting for that guiding document,” said Maplanka.

She said because they had shared the necessary information with teams of all they’re required to do ahead of the assembly, they were under the impression all teams would have formalised with the Registrar of Societies.

She however told Voice Sport that the association has been in constant communication with the different zones and were given assurance that all teams had affiliated.

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“There was an anomaly when a team that was deregistered was part of the delegates. We had to stop everything because it was going to affect the elections because some nominees were seconded by teams that are not constitutionally recognised,” she added.

The Secretary-General went on to say they could not continue violating the constitution.

She said last year they got their grants from BNSC because teams had submitted their returns in 2019.

Maplanka said she is expecting teams to be done with compliance by the 23rd of this month.

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