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Celeb edition with “The Brand”

Celeb edition with "The Brand"
THE BRAND: Thabo Osekeng

40-year-old Thabo Osekeng is one of the most sought-after veteran celebrity sports presenters in the country. As live local football continues to be in limbo, we speak to ‘The Brand’ in this week’s Celeb Edition.

How did the name ‘The brand’ come about?

Dignash is the one who gave me that name when he mentored me many years ago.

He really believed in me and my craft and thought I was one of the best guys on air and hence the name The brand and it has stuck on ever since,

Have you ever been a victim of cyberbullying, if yes tells us what happened?

A lot of times, normally I just brush it off.

How would you say Covid-19 and its restrictions have affected you?

As a sports anchor, Covid-19 guidelines have affected my content because of cancellations of sporting events, live events at the stadiums, arenas, and other venues.

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The electronic Media house that I work for was also affected since it is a Private Radio station and it depends on advertising for revenue.

Personally, I have lost family and friends to the virus.

We even lost our Chief to Covid-19.

Do you miss the beautiful game of live football?

Not really, local football has bored me with all that is happening and so I am a big customer at DSTV, I watch the beautiful game in the comfort of my home.

Which celebrity have you blocked on your social media?

Actually no one.

If you were the Minister of Sports for one day, what is the first thing you would do?

Remove all corrupt, self-serving thieves who are disguised as sports leaders.

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What is your favorite song at the moment?

Mapetla ft Charma Gal- ‘Communication’.

What is the least amount of petrol you have ever bought?

P50 – times can get really tough!

Single, taken or it’s complicated?


Five things people don’t know about you?

1. I really like keeping to myself
2. I am short-tempered but I manage it well
3. I am really sensitive
4. I’m a simple guy
5. I’m a hopeless romantic

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