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Forbidden pleasure

Forbidden pleasure

Ghetto debates the merits of SEX TOYS

Botswana Unified Revenue Service (BURS) recently reported an upsurge in sex toys being smuggled into the country.

The sale of such pleasure-giving devices illegal in Botswana hints at a roaring trade on the black market.

In light of the BURS revelation, The Voice took to the streets of Francistown to find out how the second city’s citizens feel about sex toys and whether they should be made legal or not. It seems opinion is very much divided!

We start with last week’s Page 3, 23-year-old PINKY GAOLEKWE….

The government should legalise the selling of sex toys because they are reliable.

Forbidden pleasure

Pinky Gaolekwe

When you feel like having sex and your partner is not there then you use a sex toy rather than going out to cheat.

They can also be used to satisfy one’s self when maybe your partner is tired or does not feel like having sex.


Using a vibrator or dildo to facilitate one’s sexual pleasure is like masturbating, and masturbating is a sin that can destroy one’s mind.

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Forbidden pleasure

Sheperd Keith (28)

Legalizing sex toys will leave many families broken; relationships and marriages are going to suffer.

God saw that a man cannot be alone and brought a woman – so why use toys when women are there!


The sale of sex toys should be made legal because women put a lot of stress on men.

If the man had something to satisfy his sexual desires he won’t need a woman.

Some of us are scared of HIV/AIDS and sleeping with a woman is putting your life at risk of contracting it.

Forbidden pleasure

Emmanuel Bafanile (26)

Sex toys will benefit many men, as some of them impregnate women and fail to support their children, and end up being taken to court for maintenance.

A sex toy cannot be pregnant! It will also save lives as many people will use toys and avoid women thus reducing passion killings.


I don’t think sex toys should be allowed because we have many men who can meet our sexual needs.

Botswana has a small population so with sex toys many women are likely not to fall pregnant as they will be busy with the toys thus reducing the population.

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Forbidden pleasure

Olorato Legopole (21)

These toys can also cause injuries to one’s private parts as they will be inserting them into their vagina’s which is very soft and sensitive.

It is also likely to increase the number of lesbians and gays so it is a no from me.


It is not supposed to be legalised at all because it is a sin and satanic.

I think one can at least buy women at the bars rather than something that does not even talk.

Forbidden pleasure

Pastor Khumbulani Khumalo (23)

Totally, I am not happy with the legalisation of sex toys.

The government should never allow it, it is a big sin!


Sex toys are okay because one can use them anytime they want.

They will also reduce the spread of STIs and Aids infections.

Forbidden pleasure

Gothusang Libi (31)

One will be controlling and using the way they want, thus reducing the chances of being stressed.


A sex toy will be okay because one can use it every day and it will never complain that it is tired like a human being.

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There is no longer love; people are crying everyday of being cheated so sex toys will relieve many from stress.

Forbidden pleasure

Mpho Tom (24)

People are no longer faithful in their relationships so I will go for a sex toy because there is no true love these days.


I will take this from the Christian perspective – God created people: he made man and he made woman and he knows why he was doing that.

He wanted the man to be there for the woman and the lady to be there for the male.

Forbidden pleasure

Gerald Takudzwa (25)

Allowing sex toys will undermine him.

When we look at African history when a man cannot satisfy his wife, African values are followed.

Buying sex toys because your partner is not satisfying you definitely lowers their esteem.


I like the question you are asking me today and I will go for it.

I will definitely approve of going for a sex toy because I won’t have to spend on it like buying it clothes, food, paying its rent as you do with a woman. It will be just there doing its job for free and satisfying me exactly like I want without arguing with me.

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Forbidden pleasure

Moses Demozah Gwafila (24)

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