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Kapenda Katuta’s perfect project

Kapenda Katuta’s perfect project
Kapenda Katuta

Legendary guitarist, Kapenda Katuta, has released an 11-song instrumental album.

Engineered by Alfredo Mosimanegape, the songs were recorded live at Masa Square.

The Afro Fusion is one of the best to come out of this country in a long time.

Opening up with a Jazz-soothing track ‘Moyawe’, which is dominated by the saxophone, it is followed by ‘Chovwe’ and ‘God is God’.

Some of the outstanding tracks are ‘Lumanga’, ‘Karavia’, and a tribute to the late Oliver Mtukudzi, ‘Tuku Flavour’.

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The song has Mtukudzi’s signature style hence a fitting dedication to the departed hero.

Katuta did this project with the likes of Afro Jazz Citizen, Lister Boleseng, Bony Keakile, Mike Ndlovu, and Andrew Chinganga among others.

RATING: 10/10

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