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Marriage meltdown

WHIRLWIND MARRIAGE: Kwete and Ramooki on their wedding day
WHIRLWIND MARRIAGE: Kwete and Ramooki on their wedding day

*Whirlwind romance ends in instant heartache

Desperate to find love and settle down, a socialite’s whirlwind marriage to a woman 13 years his senior has ended in heartbreak just two weeks after the unlikely couple said ‘ I do’.

Upcoming Hip-Hip Gospel artist, Kwete, 28, believed all his dreams had come true when he met Lesego Ramooki, 41, in Phakalane back in March.

They became husband and wife just two months later.

However, ‘happily ever after’ proved to be even shorter lived than the dating stage after Ramooki walked out of their matrimonial home in Kanye last week.

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The love-struck Kwete – real name Raymond Gabanakgang – has since taken to social media to air his ‘broken heart’, with his story quickly going viral.

“I need a break from the loneliness that is totally consuming me,” the singer posted to his 11, 158 Facebook followers on Wednesday afternoon.

Already in the public eye because of his music career, Kwete gained further fame for his online posts, in which he frequently told the world of his desire to find a soulmate and his eagerness to tie the knot.

Despite this, he maintains it was in fact Ramooki who pressurized him into the quick marriage.

Kwete tells The Voice he readily agreed ‘because of her beautiful heart’.

“We met in March this year and got married in May. We recently got into a fight when she left our home. What really makes me angry is that she was the one who was pushing me to marry her and I did so. She was also not honest about her age – I only found out the day we were about to get married that she is 13 years older than me and I just accepted it since I love her,” says Kwete in an exclusive interview with this publication.

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Although their wedding received much publicity and was even featured on popular Facebook page Moeladilotlhoko News Boiler, Kwete admits that despite their smiles on the day, behind the scenes all was not well.

“The union was not blessed from the onset as my wife’s family were not happy about Lesego‘s decision to marry someone 13 years younger than her, hence their unavailability in their marriage proceedings.”

As well as being hit in the heart, Kwete says his wallet has also taken a devastating blow, telling The Voice he sold ‘three of his four cars’ to raise the required P34, 000 bride price.

While his attempts at reconciliation have so far proved unsuccessful, the deserted husband is determined not to give up.

“This week I tried solving things with her but we never came to common ground. As you know, every relationship has its own problems and I hope we will solve things!”

Kwete was also quick to rubbish rumours circulating on Facebook that Ramooki left him because he was abusive.

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“That’s simply not true!” he insists.

Unfortunately, efforts to get Ramooki’s side of the story proved unsuccessful as she refused to speak on the matter.

It remains to be seen whether their relationship can be saved – either way, social media will be watching on with eager interest!

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. sbernard

    June 9, 2021 at 7:38 pm

    Tsaya madi a gago a bogadi or dikgomo tseo o tswelele bra. There are a lot oif ladies waiting for you out there.

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