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Married man opened my wife!

STANDING HER GROUND: Lorato denies having an affair

Cop blames affair for wife’s loose vagina

Accustomed to catching criminals in his day job, a police officer’s detective work has had dire consequences for his marriage.

After allegedly finding damning text messages between his wife and her boss, 37-year-old Unami Tibathuwe is filing for divorce.

He is also suing Barutwa Balo Thango, 42, for wrecking his seven-year marriage to Lorato Tibathuwe, demanding a P150, 000 pay day to mend his broken heart/bruised ego.

A big part of Tibathuwe’s grievance is that he insists the affair led to his wife’s previously tight vagina becoming far too loose.

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Dragging his soon to be ex-wife and her suspected lover before Maun Customary Court this week, Tibathuwe claimed the couple had previously admitted to sleeping together and had promised to end their relationship.

The aggrieved complainant, a CID officer based in Maun, even told court Lorato travelled to his home village of Senete, seeking forgiveness from his relatives and begging them to convince him to take her back.

He also maintained Thango – who himself is married – previously paid him P8, 000 in cash in order to drop the matter.


Although he insisted he had originally intended to forgive the cheating couple, Tibathuwe said he realised they had continued their affair and so was left with no choice but to file for divorce.

Outlining his case for a bumper pay-out, the policeman said he discovered incriminating love messages on his wife’s phone ‘some time’ last year.

“They suggested she was having a sexual affair with her senior at work, Thango,” explained Tibathuwe, who filed copies of the alleged Whatsapp conversation as evidence.

An exchange between the pair reportedly went as follows:-

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Thango: Kana 2dai o itumetse o ntshetse leswe (You know, today you are happy, you have put dirt on me)

Lorato: Ke bata ya gago kana ya gago ke speiti e ntsha leswe lotlhe ke goa gore!! (I want yours because it’s like an enema and removes all the dirt; I scream so loud!!)

In another message, this time sent from Tibathuwe to Thango, the upset husband said he could no longer stay married to Lorato because he felt her womanhood had been opened by another man, which he labelled a turn off.

“You know how it pains as a man o fitlhela monna a butse kuku ya mosadi wa gago the way u did, o batla ke reng I can’t manage it that’s why I was forced to divorce and is like I am at fault according to both of u, so this is serious now can we solve it.”

Looking to further strengthen his case, Tibathuwe called two witnesses, his younger brother, Uyapo Tibathuwe, and friend, Othusitse Mohotlho, who both claimed knowledge of the affair.

Uyapo told court he was present when Lorato confessed to the adulteress relationship.

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For his part, Mohotlho revealed he used to stay with the couple and would witness Lorato regularly talking on the phone with Thango, especially when her husband was not around.

“I knew she was talking to Balo because the number that used to call her at night was written Balo and I even thought it meant phandlane (bald head) because that’s what balo is in Kalanga,” he explained.

Mohotlho further insisted he ‘knew’ Lorato was having an affair because of the way she used to speak to her husband.

“When she talks to the husband, she does not use words such as sweetie, moratiwa and those words, she only uses pure Kalanga,” Mohotlho stated, adding that when questioned about the affair, Lorato confessed to repeatedly meeting her lover at a local guest house.

Given the chance to speak, Thango maintained his innocence. Indeed he denied any wrong doing, insisting the other man had dreamt up the whole thing in a bid to swindle him out of money.

“He is broke and going through a divorce and thinks he can get quick cash through cooked-up lies. Life is hard these days, cash does not come that easily brother,” declared Thango, adding he never paid Tibathuwe P8, 000 nor did he sleep with his wife.

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Similarly, Lorato, a cashier at a leading car dealership in Maun, denied the affair.

She told court her husband kicked her out of their house in January but did not mentioned infidelity as the reason.

“He said he did not want me anymore because I was bewitching him!”

Lorato further alleged Tibathuwe used to go through her phone without her consent and, “Did whatever he did with it.”

In the end, Kgosi Charles Letsholathebe postponed the judgment to allow court to hire an expert to determine the authenticity of the text messages.

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  1. Thato

    July 14, 2021 at 8:21 am

    Vagina is elastic,so i don’t a point ya cop are his wife loose vagina is a turn off.Its a “lie”.Cop have been waiting to get out of the marriage.O sotla mosadi wa modimo fela.

  2. Boity

    July 15, 2021 at 6:59 am

    This man is insecure gape o lebega ale bitter..le ene gase gore ha ratane mxm! Gape wa itshutla go lebega ntsutsu ele nnyane tota..go a bora fa monna ale tshele kaha ke pensele..

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