5-day sick note gets triple murder trial postponed for 5 months

Cathrine Moemedi

The murder trial of a Maun man accused of killing three people in a pre-meditated attack four years ago has been rescheduled for November after the suspect secured a five-day sick note from the doctors.

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39-year-old Vincent Gaoduelwe’s case, in which he allegedly slaughtered his girlfriend, her sister and her two-year-old toddler, was initially meant to start before Maun High Court on Monday.

However, although it was not explained exactly what was wrong with him, Gaoduelwe’s attorney, Vincent Gaoduelwe told court his client was not well.

“He went to seek medical attention yesterday and he has been given five days sick off. We pray that he will be given time to recuperate,” said the lawyer.

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Left with little option, state prosecutor, Khani Khani asked for the matter to be postponed.

“If the doctors have declared him to be unfit to stand trial, may we be given another date for trial” requested Khani.

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While the suspect’s sick leave only covered five days, due to its packed diary, court moved the trial to 7 – 11 November, with Gaoduelwe having to appear for status hearing on September 23.

According to a source close to the case, on 1 September 2018, Gaoduelwe, who was an avid Zion Christian Church (ZCC) member, called his girlfriend Kutlwano Kemothateng, 24, and her sister, Onkarabetse Kemothateng, 32, and asked them to come to a house owned by his relatives.

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He reportedly believed Kutlwano had been cheating on him and blamed her family for tolerating her adulterous tendencies.

It is said he lured the two women to him, telling them he was going to cleanse and heal them using ZCC Tea, adding he was aware they were experiencing some problems at home.

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The unsuspecting duo allegedly went to see him in the company of Onkarabetse’s baby daughter.

“He took his girlfriend, who was carrying her niece, to a nearby bush where he allegedly said religious healing was to take place. When they arrived, he hit both the child and his girlfriend with a hammer on the head before he proceeded to stab her multiple times on the torso,” disclosed the source.

It is said he then went back to the house for Onkarabetse, who was waiting for her turn to be assisted.

It is alleged he led her a short distance from where her sister and child lay, smashing her head with a hammer before stabbing her multiple times as well.

Later that fateful day, it seems Gaoduelwe visited his uncle, where he allegedly confessed to the triple murder. The older man then convinced him to turn himself into the police, before he reportedly led the cops to the bush and the three victims’ lifeless bodies.

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