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Francistowners reveal their dreams for 2022

For many, the dawn of a new year is seen as a chance for a fresh start, an opportunity to escape the cobwebs of the past and plan ahead with renewed vigour and hope.

After a tough couple of years, in which Covid-19 spread misery, disruption and death, surely 2022 will signal the beginning of happier, more prosperous times.

To mark the turn of the year, The Voice’s Christinah Motlhabane and Kitso Ramono took to the streets of Ghetto to find out the people’s hopes and dreams for 2022 – both for themselves and the country.



For many years, I’ve been planning to go back to school but never fulfilled this ambition. This year, I am definitely going to do it. I want to change my life for the better and I know a good course will do that for me.

As for the country, I will start with the city that I stay in; I wish Francistown can change in terms of infrastructure and services. Everything is expensive.

If we had all the services we need in Francistown, we wouldn’t have to go to Gaborone.

The government should also consider fuel prices. When they increase, buses and taxis up their prices, too.


And when prices go up, at work salaries stay stagnant and then it becomes difficult for people.


I wish to enroll myself into a college or university with the money that I am saving from my salary as a security officer and choose a course that suits me.

Kabo Nkanokang

Another wish is to see the youth of Francistown being given first priority when it comes to jobs and tenders, like the tender given to Steve Harvey could have been given to a fellow talented Motswana.

We have many graduates sitting at home unemployed and if tenders are given to them, it will change their lives for the better.



As the tenants of Francistown Market, we don’t want this place to be sold as the city council plans to do.

Oduetse Mogomotsi Moleele

We want the market to be renovated, it should be fenced and modern buildings like flats built. Council should forget about demolishing the market and selling it because we are not going anywhere.

If the government can build flats here it will help many Batswana to be self-employed since there are no jobs. That is all I wish to see happen.


As this year starts, I want to develop my residential plot and later change it to a business plot so I can expand my business.

What the country needs now is for the government to increase workers’ living wage so that we, as small business owners, can make something.


Tumelo Miti

People are not able to buy from us street vendors as they are constantly broke due to the high cost of living.

I sell sweets and other small items. I spend a lot on ordering stock because things are expensive but when I get here at the table, it is hard for people to buy because they do not have money.

The government should consider reducing prices on food and fuel. Things are expensive!


I want to give myself to God and pray for him to make my dreams come true, which are to have my own business so I can help those who are underprivileged.

Bagwasi Ndiyapo

I also want to see peace and tranquillity among countries and wish for trust and love among people.



This year, I want to build myself a house in my new plot at Mabudzane and go stay there with my child.

Sthandazile Nathaniel

For this to be possible, our employers need to see how hard we are working and reward us fairly.

I think it’s high time for them to increase our salaries. At the moment, we work to buy groceries, pay rent and transport and are left with nothing.

For my beautiful country, what I can say is we need to change the government and have fresh minds come in and rescue us from these people.


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