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A year of abuse



A year of abuse

Man accused of impregnating girlfriend’s daughter

A 36-year-old man from Plumtree, Zimbabwe will spend festive locked up after allegedly impregnating his girlfriend’s 15-year-old daughter during a prolonged period of abuse thought to have lasted a year.

The accused, who cannot be named to protect the complainant’s identity, has been charged with a single count of rape as well as being in Botswana illegally.

It is believed the suspect, a builder by trade, snuck into the country in 2009 and has been staying here ever since.

He was living with his girlfriend and her teenage daughter in Thamaga and is said to have forced himself upon the child on multiple occasions between January and December 2020.


Sources revealed the girl’s mother grew suspicious when she noticed her daughter’s body was changing – an observation also made by other family members.

Upon questioning the youth when she last had her monthly period, the girl admitted it had been more than three months.

The concerned mum proceeded to seek guidance from a neighbour. A Social Welfare Officer was then contacted and upon gentle interrogation, the girl reportedly identified her stepdad as the culprit.

The matter was then reported to Thamaga Police in January, although the suspect was not officially charged until September.

It is feared the girl’s ordeal started early last year when, feeling unwell, she returned home early from school. The accused was the only other person in the house that day, allegedly taking advantage of his step daughter by fondling her breasts and private parts while she slept. He is then said to have undressed her and raped her without using a condom.


The sexual abuse is said to have continued, with the accused regularly raping the girl after returning home from entertainment with her mum.

Police suspect he would wait for his girlfriend to fall asleep before sneaking into the teenager’s bedroom and violating her. It is thought she was too scared to tell her mum and so the abuse went on unabated.

During his mention before Molepolole Magistrates Court on Monday, the Prosecutor, Ogone Motsholathebe successfully secured the suspect’s remand.

“Our investigations in the matter are almost complete. The accused is remanded in first offenders prison in Gaborone, may his remand be extended,” stated Sub Inspector Motsholathebe.

He duly got his wish and the Zimbabwean was sent back to prison until his next mention, which is not until 17 January.



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