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Baxton’s T-shirt mess

Baxton’s T-shirt mess

STOLEN ITEMS: Baxon and his manager who is wearing the 'missing' t-shirt

Local rapper, Baxton who has been keeping a low profile since the tragic passing of his romantic partner Sasa Klaas has made a comeback to spotlight with some controversy.

The Rapper came under fire after being spotted wearing stolen clothes.

The owner of the T- shirt, a popular designer took to Twitter to share his disgust after spotting Baxton wearing his Limited Edition brand.

Shaya has picked up that Baxton’s Manager, Vincent Roman Matthys was the one who borrowed the T-Shirt for a photoshoot and never returned it.

However, when things got ugly, Baxton reacted quick and apologised.

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I hope you learnt your lesson and next time be in charge of your wardrobe you cannot trust your manager with everything.