Bleqdott’s slow rise

From fish lines to Kwaito classics

As part of his journey to fame and fortune, local music producer, Olefile Mooketsi, plans to make meaningful music that sparks a positive impact on the youth of Botswana.

Known as ‘Bleqdott’ in the industry, the 33-year-old creative is desperate to leave his mark and inspire the next generation to greatness.

Catching up with Voice Entertainment as he attempts to raise his profile, the Kopong native explains his infatuation with music started when he was just a toddler.

“My brother would make a fish line string guitar for me and I would play it with my friends. Fast-forward to my junior school level, I started a bit of beat production and songwriting in different genres as I dreamt of being a versatile musician,” he recalls, smiling dreamily at the memory.

His smile widens further when he talks about his big break, which came when he hooked up with a local Kwaito group, Calabooz.

“That was back in 2005 at Moeding College and at the time they were just a dance group. Inspired by the likes of Alaska, Trompies, Izinyoka, and Mashamplani when growing up, we decided to start making our own music and that became an opening even though it was difficult.”

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Indeed, despite the smiles, ‘difficult’ is a word that aptly sums up much of Bleqdott’s career.

“It takes time for a low-income person to perfect his art. Studio equipment was expensive and there was no financial support. I did not despair as I had an aim to become one of the best music producers in the country.”

It is an aim that remains a work in process, but one he is confident, through hard work and talent, will eventually become reality.

Certainly, having produced ‘Kutjo Kutja’ with Calabooz last Christmas, Bleqdott is slowly gaining a reputation in the industry.

“I worked with MK95, Lakkie, and Calabooz, and with them, it was mostly behind the scenes but the ‘Kutjo Kutja’ single that I did with them last December was the highlight of my career as most people started asking about me,” concludes Bleqdott, who owes his unusual name to the small black spot nestled between his nose and lip.

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