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Boy, 16, nabbed for car theft

A teenager accused of stealing a car at Sese village near Jwaneng, has been arrested after the car was found at his parents’ house in Moshupa with a note pleading for forgiveness.

The 16-year-old boy is said to have stolen the car last Wednesday night while the owner, Mphoentle Nkhwa, was asleep.

The said Golf car was found packed and locked on Friday evening at the boy’s home in Dibotong ward while he was nowhere to be found.

The car keys were later found inside the house in a jacket he had been wearing.

The suspect who is described as a humbled and remorseful young man, allegedly took the car with the intention to visit his cousins who are serving time at Moshupa Prison.

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Written in capital letters on a cut-lined paper the note reads, “Am sorry for taking your car without your permission. I had an emergency please please forgive me may God bless you, if you will forgive me.’’

Narrating details of the story to this publication, 26-year-old Nkhwa said the boy claimed while passing by her yard, he realised the house window was not properly closed and got tempted to turn to the yard.

“I am surprised because know I had closed all the windows but the boy claimed he got attracted by my jacket after he peeped through the window. He said he took a stick after opening the window and pulled the jacket which had the keys from the basket and took the keys to open the car,” said Nkwa before she explained that the boy said he spent about two hours thinking what he could do.

Though the car was later found and the case opened at the police station, Nkhwa was concerned that the car bonnet was damaged and was not closing properly as it had been driven on rough terrain. “Now I don’t know whether to fix the car or wait for the case because I don’t event know when the trial will commence,” she said.

Jwaneng Police Station Commander, Superintendent Thuso Basuti, confirmed the incident and said investigations were ongoing, noting that the boy is a minor and that they will engage social workers to assist.

He said the suspect might be charged with unlawful use and that if found guilty he may be liable to a prison term not exceeding 6 months or fined P100.00 or both.

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