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Broken heart, bruised butt



Teen gets nine strokes after assaulting ex

A love-struck teenager now has a sore bottom to go with his broken heart after Maun Customary Court sentenced him to nine strokes on the bare buttocks on Wednesday.

19-year-old Bakang Motlhabani earned himself a hot date with the cane after breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s house, dragging her into the bush and demanding she get naked.

According to the police, when asked why he was harassing his former lover, the troubled teen said he had no idea.

Motlhabani was charged with assault and causing damage to property after smashing a lock on the door in his desperation to gain entry to his ex’s house.


Testifying before court, the young lady at the centre of Motlhabani’s infatuation revealed the incident occurred on the morning of 31 March when she refused to open up for him.

“He forced entry, got inside the room, slapped me and beat me with his fists when I refused to go with him. He then dragged me out and when I realised he was taking me to the bush I screamed,” stated the girl, adding her yells were heard by people in the area and when they came to investigate, Motlhabani ran away.

In his defence, the suspect admitted bashing his way into the complainant’s house and pulling her outside but insisted he never beat her.

“I wanted us to go to the clinic because she had told me she had not yet had her monthly period. We wanted to confirm whether she was pregnant or not,” explained an emotional Motlhabani.

He told court his ex had aborted a pregnancy last year and he was terrified she had done the same again.


“Unfortunately, as I was dragging her along, I realised that she was already bleeding so I knew I was late, she had already done it,” testified the Maun youth in despair.

Despite the defendant’s moving tale, Kgosi Oleyo Ledimo told Motlhabani his aggressive actions were not the way to solve the issue.

“By your own admission, you said when you got there, she opened the window to talk to you and you attempted to force entry through the window – that was an offence as well, if you didn’t know. Above that, it is you who has just told us that you broke the lock to get inside the house and you dragged the woman out!” exclaimed the chief.

Choosing not to send him to prison, taking his youthfulness into account, Kgosi Ledimo instead decided Motlhabani would be whipped back to his senses.

“We want to put you back to order so that you will never ever set foot on that woman’s home ever again,” declared Ledimo, sentencing the teen to six strokes for assault and three more for breaking the lock.


On top of his hiding, the Thito ward resident was fined P50 to pay for the lock. While his bottom couldn’t be saved his pocket was spared, as a police officer relative forked up the cash for him.


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