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Brother Noah dreams big

Brother Noah dreams big

Gospel singer Noah Mogorosakgomo is a man on a mission, determined to spread the word of God through his music.

The 34-year-old artist, who goes by the stage name Brother Noah, dropped an album earlier this year and looked set to take the charts by storm before Covid-19 intervened.

Composed and produced by the man himself, ‘Baitshwarele Melato’ is a six-track offering and features the queen of Kwaito Kwasa, ‘Slizer’.

“I really got inspired to venture into this kind of music because it’s something that I believe I have been called to do since junior school through scripture union. I tried to ignore the calling but I realized it’s something I need to do so I encourage the upcoming generation,” the soulful singer explained in an exclusive interview last week.

The LP includes the popular track ‘The Grace of God,’ which Brother Noah proudly describes as prophetic.

The artist, who came to prominence back in 2017 through his hit ‘Ke pholositswe’, hopes his latest work will bridge the gap he believes has long been gapping in the gospel industry.

Brother Noah is also a regular performer on Btv show ‘Lentswe’ and often sings alongside Lebo ‘The Worshiper’.


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