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Building an empire Building an empire


Armed with a Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) professional qualification from Botswana Accountancy College (BAC), Keith Shatho Maposa hit the ground running upon...

Botho university to open in Ghana


From just one classroom, five staff members and 12 students in 1997, Botho University (BU) has grown in leaps and bounds to be one...

Property investment redefined


Instacabin fills gap in the accommodation market Are you trying to solve accommodation needs with a limited budget? Worry not! Edingley PTY LTd, trading...

Hard times


Inflation off the roof as levies and taxes bite Botswana has recorded the highest inflation in the last eight eight years. According to Bank...

The wage subsidy impasse The wage subsidy impasse


“Govt will come after non-complying businesses” warns Balopi The wage subsidy provided by government to cushion the private companies’ employees’ wages has caused a...

A murky horizon A murky horizon


Companies anticipate tough first half of the year Local companies expect business conditions to deteriorate in the first two quarters of 2020, a recent...