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Celeb edition with Larona Sehurutshi



Celeb edition with Larona Sehurutshi

At the age of 23, the impressive Larona Sehurutshi aka DJ NSI already boasts a large following in the music industry.

There is a serious side to the trendy, fun-loving House DJ, however, as we find out in this week’s CELEB EDITION.

Q. What keeps you busy during lockdown?

I am a lawyer by profession and I am currently employed in the health sector.

That has kept me quite preoccupied during lockdown.

Q. How did your passion for music come about?

I grew up in the church (ke ngwana wa ‘moruti’) and there was a strong music and dance culture and as such music has always been a part of me.

My love for House music, however, came to being through my older brother.

He used to play House music EVERY morning before he left for school.

He was particularly obsessed with the ‘On Another level’ by Blackwhole; that particular album was my gateway ‘drug’ to the House genre.

Celeb edition with Larona Sehurutshi

Q. Do you think women in the music industry are given a fair shot at the pie?

It is common cause that the industry is male dominated but to be honest my male counterparts have been immensely supportive in assisting me navigate my way through the industry.

They give constructive criticism and free lessons on how to better my skills.

They’ve shared opportunities without expecting anything in return.

So the support my male counterparts have given me is more than just fair; they are really open to having more women in the industry.

Crowds also seem to get quite excited when they notice a female on the decks.

This then encourages promoters to book you.

Every industry has its challenges and as a woman I face my fair share of challenges but given the support I’ve received to date, I must say I have certainly been given a fair shot at this.

Q. What is the one song your never miss in your sets?

It really depends on the set. House is a vast genre but if I have the freedom to play a set I like without giving much thought to the audience, I’d say ‘Let them go’ by Blackwhole.

It’s an absolute classic!

Q. What is the most expensive item of clothing you have and how much was it?

I have a mild shoe obsession so it’s probably my black pair of Nike sneakers.

Or a pair of knock-off red bottoms (Christian Louboutins) I got from a boutique.

Fake it till you make it, right! I think it cost about P1, 500.

Q. Have you ever been kicked out of a party?

No I have not.

I’ve had some wild nights but not that wild!

Q. When was the last time you cried and why?

Maybe a few weeks ago.

I cried over my dad.

He’s my guardian angel but I miss him a lot.

Q. Five things people don’t know about you?

  1. I love hearing people talk about themselves. What they like, don’t like. Their dreams, aspirations and life experiences – I’m a narcissist’s dream come true!
  2. I played rugby in high school. I was pretty fast so I played on the wing
  3. Though I’m a House DJ, I listen to a lot of old school Hip-Hop. I specifically listen to a lot of Jay-Z (He is the greatest rapper alive, I said what I said!)
  4. I make a mean macaroni and cheese dish. It’s the one ‘English’ dish I can make really well!
  5. I LOVE the winter time. It’s horrible for nightlife but it’s my favorite season of the year

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