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Celeb edition with Slizer kai-1

Celeb edition with Slizer kai-1

35-year-old Slizer kai-1 is this week’s Celeb Edition.

We turn the spotlight on the Kwasa Queen who has seven albums under her belt, bursting into the limelight back in 2008 with her debut album ‘O tswa kae.’

Q. You have been in the music industry for well over a decade now – what would you say is your most memorable moment?

I think that would be back in 2017.

I had just had my car accident that December.

My back was broken so I had to go through an operation.

You can imagine artists are busy during the festive and I had a performance in Tonota on the 24th.

I went on stage on crutches and the reception I received from the audience was overwhelming.

You know, I thought that was the end of me, but the love I received gave me hope.

I will never forget that day.

Q. Which of your songs remains closest to your heart?

They are all my babies, how can I even choose!

It would have to be ‘O tswa kae’ if I had to choose.

It was my very first breakthrough single.

Q. What have you been up to during lockdown?

I have been keeping fit.

I have been doing a lot of workouts to keep my body fit.

But I have also been writing new songs, spending time in studio.

One thing I would also like to mention is that this break afforded me the chance to get close to my fans.

I have been interacting a lot with them through social media platforms – I needed that!

It was like a healing time for me.

Q. Any new music your fans can look forward to?

Very soon actually!

Before lockdown I had released a song called ‘Kurubele’.

It has been doing really well, especially the video.

I have received a lot of calls, especially internationally.

I am also working on a fire collabo with an artist in South Africa who I will not mention for now.

Q. Who is your celeb crush?

(Laughing) That would be me!

Q. Can we expect wedding bells anytime soon?

I wouldn’t say yes, I wouldn’t say no.

When the time is right it will happen.

When God allows.

Tricky question!

Q. When was the last time you cried and why?

I cried this morning actually.

I was praying.

I prayed to God, thanking him for this talent that he gave me.

I feel like I am the chosen one; this talent could have been given to anyone but he chose me.

So that made me cried, I literally cried like a baby!

Q. Which female artist in Botswana would you say is talented but has not necessarily penetrated the market?

That would be Swagger Lady.

She used to have the same style as me then she shifted to disco.

She has a massive song called ‘Tsholetsa Matsogo re bine rotlhe’.

It’s a huge song and well received; it is just that people I guess don’t know who it belongs to.

I feel it could have been a major boost in her career, I just don’t know why it did not blow up.

Q. What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

I pray. I pray to God then I check my phone.

Q. When can we expect your next album?

The Corona break really disturbed my plans for the year.

I had hoped to release an album early on.

I have no answers yet because we are still monitoring the situation.

Maybe I’ll keep releasing singles until a time where things get back to normal.

That’s if they ever will.

Q. Five things people don’t know about you?

  • I sleep naked. I am used to it so yeah!
  • I am a very good football player
  • I am a very good cook – I actually enjoy cooking more than any other household chores
  • I am always singing, always, out loud even. My neighbours are probably always wondering what is happening in the house (laughing)
  • I actually love modeling more than I do music. That is why my fashion sense is always different and has made the brand actually unique and stand out

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