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Celeb Edition with Tux

From music to starring on the screen, 38-year-old Tumelo Johwa is no stranger to the limelight. Indeed, it is a role ‘Tux’ has enjoyed since his late teens, when he presented and produced ‘Teen Diversity’ a children’s talk show on BOB TV.

Signed up to Waka Agency, Tux, a star of local productions such as Ntwakgolo, Morwalela and Mojwadi, has worked with the best in the continent.

For the few who don’t know you, how would you introduce yourself?

I am Tumelo ‘King Tux’ Johwa: creative entrepreneur, actor, recording artist and producer. I am an all round great guy and a proud father.

And how has Covid-19 affected your professional plans?

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Covid-19 affected my plans drastically! A lot of productions in the pipeline had to be slowed down or halted, one of them being a BW games show which was to be a Pan African franchise.

On the music side, performances have had to be downsized from live to virtual events. A lot had to be re-assessed.

Being a creative in the visual production space, innovation helps.

This is why I had to reconnect with Eli from GOGET media to create this single in an animated video game format, it was more costly than a usual live music video but during these dire times observing Covid protocols.

(Eli is the producer who edited my first award winning video at the Presidents day awards; we were the first to win that category at the time).

So for now it’s going virtual and creating more interactive entertainment.

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So you have a new single out and an EP on the way – tell us more?

Oh yes, I am really excited about this. The EP is really about me as a collaborative artist.

It is a compilation of songs I have done with my favourite up-coming and super talented peers in the creative space hence the name National Treasure.

What is the one thing you still have from your childhood?

The one thing I still have from my childhood is the spirit to dream and persevere, I love to create.

What is the one habit you have picked up during the Covid-19 phase?

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Apart from adapting to crisis, the one thing I have learned during these Covid-19 times is to manage expectations.

But I have also been reading a lot. It helps keep me sane.

With budgets stretched tight during these tough economic times, what have you had to cut down on?

I am quite the foodie so I have had to ration up responsibly on that budget.

Any acting gigs in the pipeline?

Acting gigs, yes. I had an international gig which unfortunately was put on halt when Covid-19 started but I have a few roles and produced projects locally which will hopefully be aired soon.

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I am really excited about those, especially because of the people I get to work with; some I have trained before, some I have directed with and have gone on to do great things in their individual space.

Five things people don’t know about you?

1. I am an awesome cook

2. I am not as good a dancer as everyone says I am

3. I once spent a night in jail for mistaken identity

4. I am a seasoned voice over artist

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5. My first gig was in 2000 with Unicef Childrens’s broadcasting which aired on the then BOB TV

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