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Famous for belting out Gospel hits in a chart-topping career spanning over a decade, Kabelo Eric is one of the country’s most successful singers.

The silky smooth 33-year-old crooner is still going strong and tests out his powerful vocal chords on Celeb Edition this week.

You have established yourself as one of the leading lights in the local Gospel scene. Briefly take us through your music career?

I got in the music industry in 2006 through the My African Dream Talent search where I emerged as a National Top 10 finalist.

The following year I recorded my first album in SA.

I have four studio-recorded albums,as well as local and internal collaborations.

I also produced commercial theme songs for Mesese TV Fashion shows in Boston,USA.

Also, I have received a couple of nominations and won awards locally and internationally.

An impressive career full of highs.Any low points in your life?

When I lost my mother in 2004. I was 18 years old at the time.

This really affected my life but God got my back for all these years.

How did you survive?

I gave my life to Christ and found solace and comfort in Gospel music.

What is your fondest memory from childhood?

Playing football in Grade 5 for Kgabotshwene Primary School.

We were losing and I scored twice to secure a 2-1 victory for my school at the regional finals in 1996.

Who was the last person you texted and what did you say?

My partner. I sent a lovely good morning message.

Have you registered to vote? Which party do you think will win?

Yes I have registered to vote.I think BDP is likely to win but by the slimmest margin in history.

Do you read The Voice, be honest!

Oh yes, especially Shaya’s column.

What advice would you give your 10-year-old self?

Explore the talents you have and find mentors to help channel your passion into mature excellence.

Who is your celebrity crush locally?

Oh sorry, I don’t have any local celebrity crush.

What is your favorite song at the moment?

‘This is why I love you’ by John Maxwell.

If you had one superpower, what would that be?

Bring my mother back to life. I miss her presence,warmth and strength everyday.

Five things people don’t know about you?

  1. I am a sucker for love
  2. I love children so much
  3. I’m a very sentimental and emotionally sensitive person
  4. I hate time wasters. Life is all about the hits and the misses and I am all for the hits
  5. I love my fans so much. Like genuine love! They are my family

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Society in Action



Another fun filled weekend has come and gone and the Magical Voice lens was there to capture it all. Everything from weddings to family gatherings, football matches and more. Here is Society in Action.

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Danielle swagger’s video is out



Danielle swagger to drop video

One of Botswana’s rapidly rising female rappers, Danielle Swagger has launched to the unsuspecting public her eagerly anticipated video for her hit single ‘I’m Woke’.

Shot on the idyllic sands of Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean, the video showcases a number of the French territory’s geographical locations.

The video is meant to introduce Swagger to her fan base whilst growing her brand as a professional artist.

Released in April this year, ‘I’m Woke’ is a collaboration between Botswana and Reunion Island.

It was motivated by Honest Beatz production and portrays the rapper’s determination, battles and how she is overcoming life’s hardships to reach the top.

The track was recorded, mixed and mastered by Joël Agapé of UMC Records in La Réunion.

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Amantle brown and Zahara to collaborate



Amantle brown and Zahara to collaborate

‘Soul sisters’ sizzle in the rain

Amantle Brown and Zahara set Botswana Craft ablaze – in the rain – over the weekend during the Mascom Live Sessions ‘Soul Sisters’ edition.

The South African ‘Loliwe’ hit-maker, Zahara is a frequent fixture at the festival and once again lived up to her star billing, belting out hit after hit in an energy-fused performance.

Setting the tempo for the headline act was Amantle Brown, who matched her more established foreign counterpart with a sizzling set.

Speaking to Voice Entertainment after the show, Brown compared this year’s experience with her Live Sessions debut, when she opened for RingoMadlingozi almost four years ago.

“I was a kid in 2016. This time I got to know how it feels to be relaxed and be comfortable, building a set and performing without wishing to swiftly go offstage.”

The 26-year-old black-and-brown haired sensation explained that even the arrangement was different this time, in that it allowed interaction between artists – unlike her first experience where artists were in two separate rooms and, perhaps, separate worlds!

Brown performed her hits like Moratiwa, Follo and Black Mampatile to an audience happy to sing along.

Zahara mounted the stage just before 10pm at the step of her usual opening gospel melody, Lizaliseindigalakho, which she performed in a foggy array of colours.

The 30-year-old covered most hits from her debut album, such asLoliwe (the title track itself), Destiny, and Umthwalo, which serves as her personal tear-jerker.

She punctuated these hits with some of her latest work, includingBengirongo, which featured the late Robbie Malinga.

The absorbed audience remained oblivious tothe dark clouds that billow overhead, until finally the rain came down in torrents.

Whilst some ran for cover, others danced freely in the biting rain, rejoicing childlike in the magical moisture.

Amantle Brown’s management and Zahara have agreed to brew a collaboration and discussions will soon be underway towards the production of this project.

However, Zahara was not available for interview after the performance as the heavy rain refused to relent.

“Everytime we complain that international artists do not work with us, but I realised that we don’t use them,” noted Brown, who revealed she listened to Zahara during preparations for her own Junior Certificate examinations.

Brown says that now her songwriting draws motivation from Zahara’s artistry.

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