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Cheated wife’s brothers beat up cop husband



Wife and 3 siblings arrested for assault

A cheating cop caught with his pants down is said to have paid a painful price for his infidelity.

Furious at finding her husband with another woman, 31-year-old Bokang Mhitshwe called her brothers, who arrived later in the night and allegedly smashed the unfortunate officer over his head with a baseball bat.

The injured man, Thamaga traffic cop, Constable Mmoloki Mhitshwe is lucky to be alive.

His wife and her alleged accomplices – brothers, Motse Philips, 23 and Karabo Thobega, 22, as well as her cousin, 23-year-old Katlego Sanako – appeared before Molepolole Magistrates Court last Thursday.

They were charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm over the incident, which took place at Motlhabane Police Camp in Thamaga on the night of October 1.

According to sources close to the scene, it was Mmoloki’s forgetfulness as much as his wandering eye that landed him in trouble.

It appears that the Mhitshwes’ marriage was on the rocks, with Bokang moving out of the matrimonial home to stay with her mother.

On the day in question, the couple, who have two children together, agreed to spend the night together at Mmoloki’s house.

Their planned reunion took an unfortunate twist, however, when Mmoloki went out for a few drinks earlier in the day.

“After entertainment at the bar, Mmoloki forgot about the wife and went to his house with his girlfriend. Later at night, when the wife realised her husband was not coming to pick her up, she decided to go to the camp,” revealed the source, adding Bokang had keys to the house.

“As soon as she opened the door she found her husband with the other woman!

“The couple then started quarrelling and fighting. The girlfriend managed to escape while they were still fighting,” continued the source, who said Bokang then called her siblings for assistance.

“They came equipped with a baseball bat and they hit Mmoloki while he was lying on top of the bed,” claimed the insider.

With the help of a neighbour, the badly bruised constable alerted his colleagues, who immediately rushed him to hospital.

“By the time he reported the incident, he could not speak properly. Some police officers did not even recognise him because his face was swollen and his mouth twisted,” confirmed a police source.

Appearing for arraignment, the two brothers were shackled together whilst Bokang, sporting a dark bruise around her left eye, and Sanako were left unchained.

The three men requested bail on the premises that they are students about to write exams while Bokang noted she had two children to care for.

REMANDED: Brothers in chains, Philips and Thobega, together with cousin, Sanako(yellow t-shirt)

However, their pleas proved fruitless as Principal Magistrate Kefilwe Resheng explained, “I cannot talk about bail today since the victim is hospitalised. Your prayer should be for the victim to be released from the hospital because if he is hospitalised, you should also be in prison!”

Although Mmoloki was in fact discharged from Thamaga Primary Hospital the following day (Friday 4 October),the quartet will remain on remand, at least until their next mention, set for October 17.

Meanwhile, to add to Mmoloki’s headache, he has been on suspension from work since March and is reportedly being investigated for unethical conduct, accused of taking bribes from motorists facing traffic offences.

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Brothers arrested for stock theft



Two brothers were arrested on suspicion of stock theft after they were found selling dried cow meat at Khwee village on Saturday.

Police detained the siblings, 24-year-old Oarabile Mokoba and Ofentse Goreetsamang, 25, after receiving a tip-off from a concerned member of the public.

Confirming the arrest, Letlhakane Station Commander Michael Maphephu told The Voice, “They were riding donkeys carrying the cow meat which is suspected to be stolen.

CONFISCATED: The dried meat the brothers were selling

“A member of the village confronted them after suspecting that the boys might have stolen the cow and reported to the police the same Saturday and they were arrested.”

According to the police chief, the brothers told the cops they came across the cow in the bush, killed it, dried the meat they were selling and buried the rest.

Maphephu further revealed the police managed to locate the owner of the cow, who resides in Francistown.

“I urge farmers to always go to their cattlepost to check on their stock. I am concerned with farmers who take a long time to go to the cattlepost putting everything on the herd boys,” continued the top cop, adding his office have recorded over 20 cases of stock theft since the start of the year.

The brothers appeared before Khwee Customary Court on Wednesday and were remanded in custody until their next appearance, set for 20 November.

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Mbulawa upbeat despite crushing defeat



Two-time loser at the polls, local businessman, ReabokaMbulawa insists he has not given up on Maun West constituency just yet.

Mbulawa, a long-standing member of the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP), suffered a crushing defeat to Umbrella for Democratic Change’s (UDC) Dumelang Saleshando at last month’s general elections.

The BDP man was a distant second to Saleshando, attracting 6, 409 votes to the Botswana Congress Party (BCP) President’s 9, 713.

Despite the margin, Mbulawa maintains that whilst he may have lost the battle, the war rages on.

“I believe I still have the energy to serve. Serving people is God’s calling! We learnt from what happened and moved on – I guess it’s a battle for another day,” declared the burly politician, who could not resist a dig at his opponent, accusing Saleshando of trafficking votes.

“My belief again is that Maun West was stolen through BCP trafficking. The people were caught off guard by desperate politicians who used all means necessary to wrestle it!

“A lot of democrats did not come out to vote. They took it for granted that BDP will have a landslide victory over Saleshando who came in as an opportunist in the constituency which he has not interest in. All he needed was to get employment. That is all he came here for!”

Turning his attention to the bigger picture and the BDP once again retaining power, Mbulawa said, “We basically still rule the country and so many of us are still proud to belong to this organisation (BDP). As long as we are still capable and the leadership of the party believes in us, we will continue serving!”

Although his loss was severe, trailing Saleshando by 3, 304 votes, the BDP man actually improved on his 2014 effort, in terms of the votes he received.

Back then he garnered 5, 335 votes whilst his opponent, Batawanaparamount chief, KgosiTawanaMoremi II, running under the UDC ticket, received 7, 271.

A third contestant, George Lubinda, standing for the BCP, finished with 2, 329 votes.Lubinda has since joined the BDP and it was thought his voters might follow him to the ruling party.

Unfortunately for Mbulawa, it seems the majority remained loyal to BCP.

After his 2014 defeat, Mbulawa attributed the result to the general public favouring their paramount chief, KgosiTawana II.

Nonetheless, Tawana II giving his backing to Mbulawa, albeit at the last hour, was not enough for the BDP man to secure victory this time round.

Time will tell whether it will be third time lucky in 2024.

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Husband beater back in court



A wife who has been accused of conniving with relatives to attack her husband has appeared in court this week to answer for assault, Bokang Mhitswe, 31, and her two brothers, Motse Phillips, 23, and Karabo Thobega 22, together with their cousin 23-year-old Katlego Sanako were all in court facing charges of assault occasioning actual bodily harm to Mhitshwe by hitting him with a baseball bat on the head on the night of October 1st, at Motlhabane Police Camp in Thamaga.

Bokang and her brothers were represented by Mosweunyane while their cousin was represented by Legololo Relaeng.

During their mention for status hearing before Molepolole Principal Magistrate Kefilwe Resheng, Mosweunyane said as part of investigations, the accused were ordered not to interfere with the complaint (Mmoloki) but Mmoloki himself caused his wife, Bokang to violate bail conditions.

“In this regard we request the court to order the complainant not to contact the fourth accused pending conclusion of this matter. The assaulted husband took his wife’s cellphone, which contains evidence in the case. said the prosecutor.

The Voice has learnt two days after the accused were granted bail on October 9th, while communicating with the Social Welfare officer; Mmoloki borrowed Bokang’s cellphone and refused to return it.

The prosecutor, Sergeant Modise Masala testified in court that he was present at the time Mmoloki confiscated the phone from his wife.

“We were confused because the couple is married in community of property, the man said he is the one who bought the phone for the wife,” said Masala laughing.

Masala went on to tell the court that he would be forced to refer the matter to Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to avoid possible conflict of interest because the accused was a fellow cop.

Magistrate Resheng however objected to the prosecution plea requesting to be given a period of a month to type the matter and hand it over to (DPP) since they were left with the investigating officer’s statement.

Visibly annoyed Resheng said, “This is what delays cases. When I came to this court I found cases piled, if they were people they would be old with a white beard by now.”

The no nonsense magistrate then went on to order the accused to return the phone immediately and to stay away from the wife and not to make any physical or verbal communication with her and his in-laws except through the courts.

The prosecution has been ordered to serve the accused wife and her relatives with all the statements by October 21st, before the next mention scheduled for November 11th.

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