Cops investigated for assault

Portia Mlilo

An investigation is underway following an alleged recent assault on a Serowe Taxi Driver’s by police officers.

The alleged police brutality victim, Odirile Modikeng, says he was on his way to drop off a customer when the police van driving from the front curved into his lane.

He said he veered off the road to avoid a collision but the driver made a u-turn and followed him.

“A few kilometers from the scene, I saw a car from behind flashing lights. I realised it was the police vehicle and I stopped. It had in it three police officers and they told me to get out of the car and give them the key. The driver asked a female officer to bring handcuffs, unfortunately she did not have them. They further ordered me to jump into the back of their van and I complied. The driver whipped me with their sjambok on my back, I asked them to forgive me if I had done anything wrong. They said I was driving without due care and attention. I tried to explain that it was actually him who was driving recklessly. Before I could complete my words, one of the officers punched me with a fist, pushed me out of the van and sped away,” said Modikeng.

He said he called other taxi drivers who offered him a lift to the police station and also dropped off his client.

The 44-year-old Modikeng said he reported the assault at the police station and the officer in charge of the station called officers who were out on the field to come to the office.

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He said the police officers who assaulted him came and to his surprise they turned the tables on him an threatened him with a charge of reckless driving.

“I tried to explain to their boss but he would not listen. I refused to sign and accept the P1000 charge. I also opened an assault case against the officers. I was given the medical form and went for doctor’s consultation. Our taxi association management are working on the matter and our lawyer will take the matter to court as soon as the police investigations are done. I will not rest until I get justice,’ he added.

An eye witness, Anthony Magola, who was the victim’s client added that he helplessly watched as Modikeng was beaten up by the officers.


He said the investigating officers have recorded his statement and he was willing to provide evidence in court.

When reached for a comment, Serowe Police Station Commander, Poloko Oteng, confirmed they were investigating the assault case.

He also confirmed that the taxi driver was charged for reckless driving. 

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