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Councillor Candidate escapes death



The Nswazwi – Makuta ward independent council candidate escaped death by a whisker recently when a kudu knocked on his car a kilometer away from Dagwi village.

The 44- year-old lucky escaper was to launch the following day for the general elections and it did not materialize as he was nursing pains on the neck, arms and back as per the doctor’s recommendation.

Bommogo Frank Maule told The Voice he was heading to Tutume on his combi that was starting to operate between Dagwi and Tutume.

“I am not sure whether to say I hit a male kudu or it jumped on my combi as it sustained no damage. The lights, bumper and grill were not damaged but only the windscreen, driver door, glass and roof top were damaged,” he said.

When asked whether there was any foul play he responded that he cannot rule it out as he is involved in politics.

“I am also a competitor to other public transport business operators, anything can be suspected. I cannot rule out foul play but which side, I cannot tell. I got the permit on Thursday afternoon and had an accident on Friday morning,” Maule said.

He continued that the BDP’s mobile operators attacked him and other four ward candidates on Thursday evening (the day before he got in an accident).

“They even stopped just by my house to say all defaming quotes and sayings. They said I am fooling people to vote for me and will only be voted by fools like me and that why don’t I have a party to contest under.

“They even went on to talk about my academics as to why should I go work since I have a rich CV than lie to people to be voted. They further chanted slogans picking my candidature that ke mokoko wa semata,” he closed.

When reached for comment Tutume Station Commander Jerry Halahala denied having a case of an accident but told The Voice it has been reported to the wildlife department. Effort to reach them hit a futile.


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BDP denies corruption allegations



BDP representative

Botswana Democratic Party’s Chairman of Communications, Kagelelo Banks Kentse, has rubbished corruption allegations leveled against his party following President Mokgweetsi Masisi request for a 6-months long State of Emergency.

Leader of Opposition, Dumelang Saleshando, yesterday told parliament that he had evidence that some opportunistic companies had already positioned themselves to benefit from Covid-19 tenders through corruption.

When debating the tabled six months of State of Emergency motion that was brought by President Mokgweetsi Masisi yesterday, the Vice president of Umbrella for Democratic Change said that there are chances that there will be looting of public funds during the proposed time. “Already we have a list of BDP councilors who have been offered tender letters to help in supplying some of the goods. This is done without any assessment but to loot government,” explained Saleshando.

However, Kentse dismissed that as lies. “Its a blue lie, Saleshando must be ashamed for saying such things in the National Assembly. He reads a Facebook post then takes it to parliament, thats very low. The source is a known hoax spreader who survives on attacking the BDP and its leadership through made up stories,” he said that and added that there is no evidence whatsoever.” “President Masisi is a responsible leader who will never allow that to happen,” added Kentse.

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Kablay cracks the whip





Botswana Democratic Party’s Chief Whip, Liakat Kablay is calling for another induction to be held especially for his party’s unruly representatives in parliament.

In an exclusive interview with The Voice, Kablay complained of the back bench’s behaviour, which he described as ‘unacceptable’.

He warned that their antics threatened the party’s peace as some joined ranks with the opposition’s Members of Parliament during debates.

“There was one time they were conniving with the opposition to have a walk out. Never have we experienced that as BDP! Their behaviour shows that we need to induct them again.”

He explained that in the BDP members have to support whatever was agreed during party caucus and cannot change once in parliament.

“You could tell that some were looking for personal glory over the party reputation,” he blasted.

However, Kablay apportioned a large part of the blame to the Speaker of the House, Phandu Skelemani’s inexperience, accusing him of giving Ministers more time during deliberations than ordinary MPs.

“His decision forced the MPs to revolt and we warned him against that,” he said, adding it was unfortunate because Skelemani was ‘thrown in the deep end’ without anyone to take him through the ropes.

Meanwhile, Kablay complained of a certain Minister (names withheld) who he accused of making his job ‘difficult’ by consistently reporting him to the President for his media interviews.

He claimed the Minister wants him (Kablay) to report to him, which Kablay explained was against the rules as he is meant to report directly to the Vice President.

“This makes me less effective as Chief Whip just because of one man who thinks his Ministry is over me. I only report to the Vice President not Ministers,” he reiterated, adding he never had such a problem during the previous (11th) parliament.

Unfortunately, efforts to reach Skelemani hit a snag as his phones did not go through.

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