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COVID -19 food baskets Politically weaponised

COVID -19 food baskets Politically weaponised


Tlokweng Sub District Council efforts to distribute Covid 19 food have been drastically hampered by political fights and differences.

The council, which has so far managed to distribute food to only 989 households out of the 12 272 people who qualified for government food relief was put on the spotlight when ruling party councillors complained of interference from former councillors.

The concerned Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) councillors have accused social workers of colluding with former opposition party councillors to highjack the food relief programme and use it as a political campaign tool.

Speaking on behalf of her team, Councillor Veronica Mothibedi of Masetlheng ward complained that social workers had chosen to snub BDP councillors when it comes to identifying beneficiaries of the Covid- 19- food baskets.

“We tried to provide the council with a list of people who were in dire need of food hampers but our lists were overlooked while the lists from former councillors were prioritised,” Mothibedi said.

The BDP councillors have also cried foul that the council does not update them on their schedule, rendering them useless to their people who often depend on their elected representatives to know what is happening in the constituency.

“Every time people come to us for help we fail to assist them because we are also clueless as the council has decided to keep us in the dark,” she said.

Although, a UDC former councillor, Saelo Seitshiro dismissed the allegation as ‘usual lies by politicians’, the Council Chair, Phillip Mfolwe confirmed the conflict.

“I have also been notified by councillors of the interference of some former Councillors, who are always seen milling around the council office.

“Allegations brought to me have indicated that former councillors have favour amongst the social welfare office and are attended to before the current leadership. Furthermore these former councillors are issued with Covid -19 permits contrary to the extreme social distancing regulations. It is clear that there are some staff members who entertain this in a deliberate effort to try and sabotage government efforts. We have decided to write a letter to that effect with suppoting evidence to management,” he said.

Mfolwe also revealed that on the ground things were falling apart with food distribution process moving at a snail’s pace.

Tlokweng Council’s Spokesperson, Thapelo Timono confirmed that the food distribution process was slow but denied allegations of collusion between social workers and former councillors.

“There is no mischief on our part as they allege. We acknowledge that we have been slow in executing our duties but we will soon speed up the process, ” he said.


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