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Diva Vebrok and Berry Heart’s antics
Diva Vebrok and Berry Heart’s antics


Diva Vebrok and Berry Heart’s antics

Shaya is not one to stir up trouble, but Shaya just couldn’t let this juicy piece of gossip pass.

Yours Truly does not know what exactly is going on between Bw’s favorite entertainers Diva Vebrok and Berry Heart as a worryingly interesting pattern between the emerges.

First the two had an unexplained relationship with Ghanaian ‘muti’ man, Nana Kwaku Bonsam.

Whilst it was Diva Vebrok who introduced Berry Heart to the Ghanaian, the poet quickly became the favorite and her relationship with the muti man blossomed causing a catfight over Nana Kwaku.


That fight was followed by another quarrel over who is a better and more successful brand between the two.

As if that is not enough competition between the two divas, Vebrok who is now heavily pregnant fell pregnant shortly after Berry.

Shaya is yet to find out who Vebrok’s Brad Pitt is but she has been previously linked to another musician, Tsankane.

Anyway, congratulations Vebrok, let’s hope you won’t steal Berry’s child’s name and name your baby Amari or maybe you could just go for Armani!

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