Diversifying in the midst of Covid-19

Kabelo Adamson
BUSINESS MINDED: Moetapele and Nonkululeko

The Farm’s tasty new addition

Ten years after opening its doors to the public, The Farm Bed and Breakfast is branching out and extending its services.

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In an exciting development for the Tlokweng-based enterprise, the family-run business has secured a liquor licence and will begin trading as a restaurant by the start of May.

For the joint’s owners, husband and wife duo Moetapele and Nonkululeko Lekene, it marks a big step after a challenging year.

“Last year we applied for a liquor restaurant licence which has since been approved. We are just hoping that restrictions will be relaxed a bit to allow for sit-ins in restaurants. But even if that does not happen, we will operate on a take-away basis for liquor as currently stipulated,” revealed Moetapele, a Computer Science graduate from UB.

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“This is an expansion and shows growth on our side. We hope people will be able to come through to support us,” continued the ambitious young businessman, who is confident the new addition will prove a hit.

“Our menu will be top-class and on Sundays, we will be offering Tswana cuisine and maybe employ the services of a traditional dance group,” said Moetapele, adding they will also create in-house jobs such as chefs, waitresses accountants, and groundsmen to maintain the luscious green gardens.

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Set-up in 2011, the five-bedroomed lodge offers Gaborone residents the chance to unwind and relax away from the hustle-and-bustle of life in the capital city.

“The good thing is that we also offer accommodation and if one wants to spend the night then they are covered. We have other amenities such as a swimming pool,” he said.

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Highlighting further changes heading The Farm’s way, Moetapele told Voice Money, “There is also going to be a kids’ place, and we will employ the services of a child-minder, which means you would not have to worry about the safety of your children.”

2020 proved a challenging year for the business, with Covid-19 hitting it hard.

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“Before Covid-19, companies, and individuals used to come and hold their events here, be it Christmas parties, birthday parties, and so on,” explained Moetapele, adding the pandemic has since brought this revenue stream to an end.

Not one to take such a knock lying down, Moetapele realised diversifying was the only way to keep generating income and keep his business afloat.

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