Do or Die

Daniel Chida
UDC President: Boko & BDP President: Masisi
  • Report predicts no clear general election winner
  • AP to be King Makers

A highly confidential internal report leaked from the government enclave has predicted that there won’t be an absolute winner with a high possibility of a hung parliament in the October 23rd general elections.

Titled, 2014 Parliamentary Results Guiding Tool for possible outcome for the 2019 General Elections in Botswana, the report shows that Botswana Democratic Party,(BDP) is certain of winning only 15 constituencies, while UDC/ BPF can be certain of 14 seats in parliament, Alliance for Progressive three seats while an Independent candidate gets 1 seat.

Released about two weeks ago the report further gives both BDP and UDC 26 constituencies that they are possibly likely to win. AP gets four possible “The Alliance for Progressives will be the deciding factor in this year’s elections, report sates. adding that pre–relations have indicated that AP will prefer to partner with BDP as opposed to the UDC.

The individual constituency analyses are as follows.

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The contentious Serowe West constituency, “Will be a litmus test for The Khama brothers, if they do not win this constituency then that’s the end of the BPF, Tshekedi as the Royal Prince should win the constituency, “says the report

Molepolole South and Gaborone South have been said to be difficult to predict while Gaborone Bonnington South, Francistown South and Gaborone Central have been given to AP. Independent Candidate, Prince Maele has the Lerala/ Maunatlala constituency in the bag.

A BDP party insider told this publication that despite its evident confidence, a BDP internal poll has given the party a solid assurance of only 26 constituencies. This has been deemed risky looking at possible defections to the BPF.

However Chairperson of Communications and International Relations Sub Committee, Kagelelo Kentse said that they were confident of a win. “We have done our ground work and we are expecting between 35 and 45 constituencies.”

Meanwhile, UDC spokesperson, Moeti Mohwasa dismissed the report. “This is being peddled by those who do not want to admit that the UDC is winning. We are getting over 30 constituencies, ” declared Mohwasa

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