Double-murder suspect denied bail

Cathrine Moemedi

Bail ruling for a double murder suspect was this week postponed to August 20th to allow for police investigations to be completed.

State prosecutor, Modibedi Tladi, pleaded with the court to extend Moabi Molapisi’s prison remand as investigations were still underway. “Investigations are at an initial stage and they are now leading us to areas which are currently in lockdown,” explained Tladi.

Seemingly disappointed by the prosecution’s request the 40-year-old Molapisi argued that they just wanted to delay his bail ruling.

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“I do not approve of the prosecution’s claim that the investigations are ongoing because they had previously indicated that they have long completed investigating and are only awaiting forensic results,” argued Molapisi who is facing charges of murdering his mother in cold blood and his ex-girlfriend.

“They are just delaying my case for no apparent reason,” blasted the seemingly temperamental Molapisi.

Molapisi is accused of killing his mother, Kehetwe Molapisi, on the 29th of June at her house in Maun before he drove over 800 kilometres to the south where he proceeded to murder his ex-girlfriend Gofiwa Kabelo in Ramotswa.

Additionally, before the same court, Molapisi faces a single count of housebreaking, where he broke into his mother’s house on the day of the murder.

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