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Dramaboi’s new gig


Shaya stopped by one of the car washes in Broadhurst sometime last week for a smoke.

What a smoke break it turned out to be as, lo and behold, I bumped into one of Botswana’s talented rappers, Dramaboi.

Whilst I was about to ask for a selfie with the star and hoping to see what set of wheels he had brought for the wash, I was disappointed to learn that the celebrated wordsmith was actually one of the staffers at the car wash!

Wait for what?

Imagine taking your car for a wash only for it to be washed by Dramaboi…wa makeishane.

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I know Covid-19 has hit hard but damn, that was a sobering moment.

So I drove away speechless.

I just pray the entertainment industry recovers soon so artists may do what they do best for a living!