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Father defiles teen daughter

Father defiles teen daughter

IN COURT: Suspect

An incestuous father who repeatedly raped his 12- year- old daughter was last week convicted of rape by the Maun Magistrate court.

The 45-year-old morally bankrupt father is said to have repeatedly defiled his little girl on many occasions and sometimes in full view of her mother.

Many of the sexual assaults were unreported as the man had threatened to kill both mother and child if they breathed a word about his depravity.

According to court papers, on the morning of October the 20th after the father had sexually molested his teen child the previous night, the girl’s elder brother also tripped her on their way to school and moleted her.

Arriving in school limping and walking with great discomfort, the school’s Safety and Health Care official noticed that they could be something wrong with her and upon a gentle interrogation she revealed her entire ordeal and the father’s criminal activities were exposed.

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In his judgement Chief Magistrate Thebeetsile Mulalo noted that the victim had testified that on one of the fateful nights her father had waited for her to sleep and then followed her to have sexual intercourse with her.

“The victim testified that whilst sleeping the accused person came to the house and covered her mouth, switched on the radio and switched off the lights. He undressed her and put his penis inside her vagina and started moving up and down on top of her,” said Mulalo adding that when the mother came
Knocking he dressed up and opened for her and pretended nothing had happened.

Mulalo further revealed that after the matter was reported to the police the young girl was taken to the hospital for medical examination and the findings supported her allegations of sexual assault.

“The nurse who attended the victim testified that she was highly distressed and complained of abdominal pains. The nurse further noted a small laceration on the genitalia accompanied by a foul smell emanating from her womanhood,” revealed Mulalo.

Days later the girl is said to have also been examined by a medical doctor who noted that her hymen was irregular which suggested multiple penetration.

“She said that it was not the first time her father had sexual intercourse with her and clinical evidence have confirmed that,” Mulalo revealed.

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In conclusion Mulalo said that he had found the little girl to be a credible witness as she gave her testimony in a straight forward manner that did not suggest any ulterior motive to incriminate his father.

Meanwhile the father has remained adamant that he has never raped his daughter.

He further accused the police of having forced a confession out of him by assaulting him.

The father who was on bail is now remanded in police custody awaiting his sentence.

The court also ordered that he be subjected to finger printing and HIV testing and appear on 7 October for presentation of results.

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