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LEADING: At a local vaccination centre (pic by Reuters)


Finally some good news

I am always on the lookout for feel-good stories because there seems to be so much gloom and doom everywhere we look.

So, yes, this week, despite being hit by the effects of the new ZWL$50 note which came into circulation last week, I choose to focus on the positives.

In case you are wondering what those effects are, as I indicated last week, some goods and services have already shot up in price because of the introduction of this new highest denomination.

This is despite government’s belief that the new money will work wonders since it has the motif of the late spirit medium, Mbuya Nehanda.

Anyway, let me not dwell much on that and focus on the happier news.

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On Tuesday, Zimbabwe recorded the highest number of vaccinations to date as the country moves to curtail the spread of Covid-19.

A total of 29,344 people received their first dose while 14,327 received their second dose.

The country received its biggest consignment of two million Sinovac vaccines last Thursday and is targeting 100,000 daily vaccinations so that it can achieve herd immunity by the end of the year.

Zimbabwe’s vaccination programme got off to a slow start in February mainly due to shortage of vaccines and skepticism, especially with regards to the Chinese vaccine.

This has since changed as people are now warming up to the vaccines. In fact, Zimbabwe is one of the leading African countries in the Covid-19 vaccination programme. For once, we seem to be doing something worth talking about.

Sadly, though, Coronavirus cases are still on the increase with the Delta variant now circulating in Zim.

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On the same Tuesday the vaccines were being administered, the country recorded 2,845 new cases and 38 deaths.

In other news, it’s hard not to talk about what is happening in South Africa. The ongoing chaos and riots occurring in our neighbouring country will no doubt have effects on Zimbabwe and all the other nations who get the bulk of their products from that country.

With no manufacturing industry to talk about, Zimbabwe imports quite a lot from South African. With the current situation, we might soon be faced with a shortage of so many things, including fuel.

Besides, millions of Zimbos, including my own siblings, are working and living in that country and when such things happen, I cannot help but worry for their safety.

They left the country because they had little choice. They crossed the border hoping they were going to greener pastures and so when their ‘hope’ burns, where should they turn to?

One can only pray and hope for an end to this anarchy.

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