Former BDP youth activist uncertain on where to go

Daniel Chida
MOVING ON: Kabelo Masvingo

Following his unsuccessful attempts to rekindle his relationship with the ruling party BDP, one of the country’s most talked-about young politicians, Kabelo Masvingo, is moving on.

The 29-year-old firebrand has lingered on the political fringes since 2017, following his suspension from the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) charged with various misdemeanors.

Although he took to Social Media this week announcing his intention to take a break from politics, in an interview with The Voice on Wednesday, Masvingo admitted he would not be away for long.

He further revealed he was weighing his options on whether to join Botswana Congress Party (BCP) or Botswana Patriotic Front (BPF).

“I will make a decision soon on which party to join because there is no how I can align myself away from politics. I was born a politician and will die a politician!”

Having tried for over three years to regain his BDP membership, Masvingo’s patience has finally snapped.

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“I know for a fact in previous years, letters I wrote to the party Central Committee never reached it as they ended in the Secretariat. I am very frustrated by how I am being treated. I have long applied to be reinstated back in the party. What crime have I committed that makes it difficult for my reinstatement? I stood in defence of the party, pre and post general elections. I voted for the BDP during the general election. I have been labelled all sorts of names defending and preaching the BDP manifesto both online and offline.”

Masvingo was handed a 60-day suspension from the BDP in May 2017 by the party’s then-leader, former President, Ian Khama.

Amongst others, he was accused of bringing the party’s name into disrepute, attacking certain party leaders on social media platforms, and fuelling tribalism.

However, he never appeared before a disciplinary hearing and maintains he was never officially expelled.

“As per BDP constitution only one person has the right to expel a member from the party and that is the President. But Khama never gave any signature on a paper that expelled me. I agree he suspended me but not expelling and that is why I literally ignored the communiqué as nothing was sent to me. I went and voted not once but twice in the BDP Bulela Ditswe without anyone questioning my membership!” claimed Masvingo, adding he has finally had enough.

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