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From suspected fugitive to an early grave

From suspected fugitive to an early grave

*Teen mum’s remains discovered

*Boyfriend implicated in missing lover’s murder

On 2 May 2019, Maun Police issued a search warrant for 19-year-old Lesedi Bahumile.

The young mum was said to have fled, fearing arrest after severely harming her eight-month-old daughter – or so her boyfriend, Dishara Saraa claimed.

A nationwide search ensued but the cops were unable to find the ‘runaway’ teen.

They need not have looked far.

On Friday, 22 May, under interrogation from the police, 29-year-old Saraa allegedly confessed to murdering Bahumile in March last year.

He reportedly admitted to strangling his baby mama and then burying her body a short distance from his home in Maun’s Matlapana ward.

From suspected fugitive to an early grave
DECEASED: Bahumile

The accused killer is then said to have led officers to the spot where he buried Bahumile. Her body has since been exhumed.

Saraa appeared before Maun Magistrate Court on Wednesday facing one count of murder.

Court heard how on the fateful day, the young lovers had an intense fight concerning their daughter, inadvertently injuring the little girl in the process.

The toddler’s injuries were so serious that she was eventually transferred to Princess Marina Hospital in Gaborone, where Saraa stayed with her.

State Prosecutor, Paul Basupi, explained that Saraa later reported Bahumile to the police, accusing her of dropping the baby on the floor and then running away.

“That is how the police started searching for her as a suspect of causing bodily harm,” noted Basupi.

“After the whole year of search the accused was brought before Maun police on the 22 of May 2020 for further interrogation as he was the last person seen with the missing woman,” he continued.

“It is during the interrogation that the accused admitted to strangling Bahumile to death and burying her in a shallow grave in Matlapana Ward,” Basupi added, pleading with court to remand the suspect in custody.

“The investigations are still fresh. We have also sent the remains to Gaborone to be tested by the pathologists and are still awaiting results. Also the life of the accused is in danger since the family of the deceased are now aware of the incident,” argued Basupi.

The prosecutor got his wish, with presiding Magistrate Gaone Bagopi sending the accused to the slammer.

Saraa, his emotions unreadable behind a blue Covid-19 mask, is due back in court on 18 June.


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