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Ghetto taxis’ COVID crusade




Ghetto taxis' COVID crusade

Over the holidays, Shaya spent time chilling out in the second city of Francistown.

With my wheels temporarily out of action, to get around Ghetto Yours Truly had no option but to make use of the city’s taxi services.

Although some of the driving was slightly erratic, Shaya was impressed with just how professionally the taxi drivers are observing Covid-19 protocols.

Without fail, drivers made sure every single passenger sanitized hands, wore masks properly and provided their names and contact details.


Shaya caught at least 20 taxis during his stay and these precautions were followed without fail every time.

So a big thumbs-up to the hard-working taxi drivers of Francistown who are doing their bit in the fight against Coronavirus.

Keep up the good work guys and girls, you are doing your city proud!


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