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SHAMED: The accused grandfather

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Grandpa in court for raping orphaned granddaughter

The accused pensioner is charged with five counts of rape

A man accused of raping his teenage granddaughter has allegedly told the police that he paid the girl for the sexual services.

In his shocking testimony last Tuesday, Investigating Officer- Detective Constable Onthatile Ramocha, told court that the 70-year-old suspect did not deny sleeping with his granddaughter, but claimed he paid the minor for the sex.

The accused pensioner is charged with five counts of rape.

He is said to have been staying with the 14-year-old victim and her younger brother aged 12, following the death of their mother.

Though the charge sheet indicated that he sexually abused the girl since August 3rd to August 7th, 2020, the court during trial heard that he long started raping the girl since January last year.

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Detective Ramocha said he was allocated the case on August 11th, 2020 after the victim reported to her uncles who then reported the matter to the police.

“The victim said she was afraid of her grandfather as he had threatened to chase her away from home should she report the matter. I ended up charging the accused for an offense of rape,” explained Ramocha.

Although he did not dispute the police officer’s evidence, the accused told court that he had requested that he be taken for testing to prove that indeed he slept with the victim.

Family members who testified during trial also told court that the old man had been sexually abusing the young girl.

The accused’s 53-year-old brother said he was informed about the incident by his siblings and that the victim confirmed that his grandfather had been sexually abusing her.

“The police told me that the accused confirmed what was said by the victim. She was crying when she reported and there were some recordings which were taken. I already knew what had transpired when I confronted the accused,” he explained.

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The accused who failed to ask his brother questions, further bitterly shouted in court using Shona language saying it was the result of raising other people’s children just like raising a dog that later on bites you.

When asked if he would like to call any witness in case the court finds out that he has a case to answer, the elderly man said he wished to call one Neo Tanka, to assist him since he was not conversant with court proceedings.

Magistrate Keabetswe Majuta dismissed his request, noting that it was the first thing he could have started with

He said the application was overtaken by events. Trial continues.



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