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PAY BACK: Samakgwa

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‘He’s the cause of my saggy breasts!’


After 30 years of cohabitation – a relationship that produced 13 children, eight grandchildren but no marriage – a Maun woman wants her long-time lover to compensate her for her saggy breasts (tiga-lebele).

Having built a life together, it all came crumbling down for 52-year-old GareikaeSamakgwa, who was left devastated when Jacob Goitsemang declared he was leaving her for another woman earlier this year.

Her heartache soon turned to anger.

Samakgwa believes Goitsemang ‘wasted her time’ and has destroyed her prospects of ever finding marriage with another man.

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In her desperation, Samakgwa dragged the father of her children before Francistown Customary Court of Appeal, where she laid her bizarre claim.

The court session was held in Maun Main Kgotla this Tuesday.

Overcoming her obvious nerves to address the court, Samakgwa insisted Goitsemang was to blame for her saggy breasts because he was the first to make her a mother and thus caused her to breastfeed.

“Today he wants to leave me for another woman. We had 13 children together, five died and the surviving ones are eight in number. We have eight grandchildren and he is now saying he no longer wants me!” mumbled the scorned lady, her eyes shining with indignation, her voice quivering with emotion.
She explained that their love dates back to 1989.

“We were in love and decided to stay together. We built our two homes together. But now he says he has found another woman from whom he finds comfort!”

Although she didn’t outline an amount, Samakgwa requested the court grant her compensation for damages.

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She also enquired how the former couple were meant to divide their property – a matter that the court declared should be settled at home with elders.

Presiding over the case, Judge SumbeOngadileadmitted he found the claim ‘odd’.

He stressed it was three decades since Samakgwa first fell pregnant and thus too much time had passed for her to lay her ‘saggy breasts’ claim.

“Again it is shocking for one to want to sue for such damages after 30 years. Damages can only be claimed by parents not the girl or woman and again not after a prolonged period of 30 years!” exclaimed Ongadile.

The judge further noted he was not sure what to make of Samakgwa and Goitsemang’s ‘union’ as no elder from either side came to court to be a witness or shed light on the relationship.

“It is shocking to see people litigating a marital related case yet not involving elders. We should note that marital issues need to involve elders. It is the elders who were to be witnesses in this case, but they were not here!” stressed Ongadile, who concluded there was therefore no evidence that the man wasted Samakgwa’s chances of getting married to someone else.

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“I advise you to seek the assistance of your parents so they can guide and help you to share your property accordingly.”

He added that when people who are cohabiting (bainyadisitse) end their relationships, they should separate quietly and call their parents to guide them in dividing their acquired properties.

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