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UDC powerless as Moalosi support group gathers momentum

Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) has distanced itself from a campaign by a group in Shashe West constituency who calls themselves, ‘Friends of Motlhaleemang Moalosi.’

The group is particularly vocal on social media, passionately campaigning for Moalosi to contest for 2024 elections under the UDC banner.

Moalosi, who lost to incumbent Member of Parliament, Fidelis Molao in 2014, did not take part in the last general elections citing financial challenges.


According to a source from the constituency, the group has raised closed to P10, 000, which they spent on campaign materials such as T-shirts and caps.

One of the individuals at the forefront of the early drive, Michael Tlhalerwa, told The Voice Motlhaleemang is the best person to deliver Shashe West to the opposition in 2024.

“He showed great work ethic in 2014, when he stood three months towards the elections and put up a fight the constituency had not seen before. His idea of issue-based politics that saw him promise to bring the 100 billion Pula hemp industry to the constituency is what we need for job creation,” said Tlhalerwa.

When asked about the movement, which violates party policy as candidates are forbidden from campaigning before they are officially announced, Moalosi maintained it was the people’s will and out of his control.

“The party has not yet released the primary elections writ but I can confirm that a number of people are actively canvassing for support on my behalf. I am grateful for the confidence they have shown in me and I will definitely put my hat in the box once the party sanctions it.”


Moalosi further stressed he was not consulted when the crusade started and he was now powerless to stop it.

“I just hope that it won’t offend anyone in the long run but for now they have kept everything clean,” he added.

For his part, UDC Head of Communications, Moeti Mohwasa explained Shashe West falls under BCP management and thus issues around regulation and selection of candidates is done under their rules.

“They are therefore best placed to give you an answer. The UDC can only comment and regulate candidates once the affiliate parties have deployed them to it. What we can, however, say is that the name of Mothaleemang Moalosi has not been transmitted to it by any of its affiliates,” stated the Botswana National Front (BNF) stalwart.

Unfortunately, efforts to get an official comment from the BCP failed as the party’s Secretary General, Phillip Monowe’s phones did not go through.



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