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I am not going anywhere

I am not going anywhere


Majaga rubbishes Gobotswang’s petition

Embattled Member of Parliament (MP) for Nata/Gweta, Polson Majaga has defied a call by MP for Sefhare/Ramokgonami, Kesitegile Gobotswang to step aside pending the outcome of his defilement case.

Presenting a statement to Parliament on Wednesday, Majaga rubbished the petition that was presented by Gobotswang saying it was not only an affront to his dignity but a conspiracy to deceive as well.

“Let me make it clear, I am not taking any leave of absence and I will continue to attend to my parliamentary duties as mandated by my constituents,” he pointed out.

He stated that the matter was subjudice and therefore prohibited from public discussion elsewhere other than the court of law.

“Gobotswang and the NGOs that he claims to have been speaking on behalf of should know better that considerations of the same must be observed to allow proceedings and findings of the court to unfold as they should instead of hijacking parliamentary process to defame or injure my reputation to score cheap political points or seek funding from donors through dubious means,” Majaga said.

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He asked for parliament to treat him fairly and equally as possible and that issues not for parliament be left for the court to do its job without interference. “I further implore you, Mr Speaker, to accordingly direct that the statement item is expunged from the Hansard report because it is malicious and defamatory petition casting aspersions on my dignity,” he added.

Last week, Gobotswang called Majaga to step down from parliament while waiting for his defilement court case to finish.

He asked the controversial MP to take a leave of absence until his defilement case was concluded to protect the integrity of the house and also to allow the criminal justice process to freely take its course.

Gobotswang pleaded with members of the house to unite behind his position, in a non-partisan manner to ensure that Majaga does not participate in the affairs of the National Assembly until his case has been closed.

Majaga is currently on bail after a case of defilement was laid against him.

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