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IN DENIAL: Biggie Butale


I have not been paid to destroy BPF-Butale

The embattled Botswana Patriotic Front (BPF) President Biggie Butale has rubbished swirling rumours that he has accepted P500 000 payment from BDP to destroy BPF from within.

Speaking to The Voice in an interview Butale who is currently under investigations by the BPF for sexual misconduct said he has heard of the allegations too.

“ The rumours reached me last weekend when I was in Shakwe. There were about 10 of us. We had wanted to kill a goat but ended up killing two chickens for lunch because we did not have money yet my detractors are saying the meeting was sponsored by BDP,” Butale said.

Dismissing the half a million Pula price tag on his head, Butale said, “ I am not cheap. Half a million pula is peanuts! He went on to explain that a there was a faction in the BPF hellbent on tarnishing his name.

“ They expected me to keep quiet and go away but I will not. They are scared to call the congress so that we go for election because they know I would win so they want to frustrate me so that I resign. Some even say I am a tribalist.

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He went on to say the faction that is working around the clock to oust him had initially peddled another false story that President Masisi’s had offered him money re-join the Botswana Democratic Party.

“If I stay I am sponsored, I go I am sponsored, so I am not going anywhere,” Butale stated defiantly

Meanwhile a source within BPF had alleged that Butale met with spy boss Peter Magosi and President Masisi in Francistown to seal the half a million-pula deal last weekend.

“The strategy is for him to stay and paralyse BPF from inside. They met at least four times, latest being when he was in Francistown over the weekend. Our source is from the DIS,” someone within the BPF told The Voice.

All hell broke loose in the BPF last month when BPF National Executive Committee, took a resolution to implore the party president to step down to allow investigation on sexual misconduct allegations leveled against him by a female party carder to proceed unhindered.

This past week Butale toured Phikwe, Mmadinare and Francistown, meeting chairpersons and secretaries of the regions to discuss state of the party.
In his response Chairman of the BDP Communications Banks Kentse said the ruling party does not recruit in that manner. He said Butale would ordinarily apply for membership at his branch and the branch will make recommendations for admission. Kentse stressed that BDP does not use money to recruit members.

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