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Inside Miss Botswana’s wardrobe



Inside Miss Botswana’s wardrobe

Fashion trends come and go, but tiaras stays!

This week we take you in and around the most coveted wardrobes in Botswana, of the ever effervescent and striking, Miss Botswana 2019/2020, Oweditse Fafah Phirinyane.

Speaking to KaoneMoremong, the master mind behind putting Miss Botswana’s looks together with the helpof Botswana designers, here is what she had to say about to one of Botswana’s sophisticated and immaculate wardrobe of the moment!

We at the The Voice on Fashion wish you all the best at this year’s Miss World, slated for 14th December 2019, UK Queen Fafah!

Fashion and Wardrobe Insights:

1. How did you forecast Miss Botswana’s wardrobe trends and why did you choose what she would wear?

We created a strictly local designer wardrobe. We basically just accepted everything local designers who were willing to assist us, and styled from there.

The theme we went for was fun, sophisticated and authentic. We tried to bring out her personality.

2. What does her wardrobe say about her character and as a queen?

Sophisticated, fun loving and comfortable!

3. I understand you worked with volunteers to make this crown a success.

How did you choose or what criteria did you use to come up with Miss Botswana’s ultimate wardrobe?

There were no criteria. Many designers were willing to assist and they came on board.

We however didn’t manage to pick up from all the volunteers and do a wardrobe photo-shoot because of time constraints, but are hoping they will still continue supporting us because her reign is long.

4. What do you think makes her wardrobe stand out from the 127 hopeful contestants of MISS WORLD?It’s authentically Botswana and it speaks that.

She is also a very active local brand supporter and the pride and confidence she exudes when wearing local shows.

5. What are you hoping her wardrobe does for her at the pageant?

We hope it gets her to stand out and be noticeable amongst the many other contestants.

6. One of her ultimate wardrobe secrets? She can easily style and restyle different pieces.

She is also has a hidden fashion designer and a DIY queen, so she always makes sure she has fun with how she puts things together.

7. Give a glimpse of her final crowning gown. Colour and design specifs? The designer is ThabisoDibeela of (ThabieD).

The gown is green, with lace, and a tail – very elegant.

8. What do you think makes a winning gown? I believe the lady wearing a gown makes the winning gown.

How one carries it.

So any gown can be a winning gown as long as the person wearing it gives it life!

9. Last words?

We are thankful to all the designers that help make Miss Botswana’s wardrobe impeccable, in no particular order – ThabieD, Funky Resy, Kanyo M, OLep Clothing, House Of Kay, Angelina Bella JayPee Line, LaQueen, Rit-ac-Collection, DiConza Designs, Versatile Creations, Irox Designs, KENO suits, Lt Peculiar Couture and Lesweedy Diaries.

A hearty thank you to Timba Trading for also sponsoring her fabrics.

PHOTOGRAPHY | Miss Botswana Page



Fashion blogger Stella of J’adore, shows here is nothing like the good O’ timeless, classic white T paired with trendy‘inside-out’ jeans!

This combo is the ultimate classic smart casual look – for both men and women!

Inside Miss Botswana’s wardrobe
Best dressed of the week

I give it a 10/10 for the boldness and edginess of the jean and also gender fluid look!

Look out for the streets starting this “inside-out” jeans, besides festive bug is here!

Photography | J’adore Fashion

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Ultimate guide to work wear and elegance



Ultimate guide to work wear and elegance

Re-invent your style!

There’s no question that Peace Montshitsi Mogale (35) is a style aficionado, a formidable style dribbler and entrepreneur.

Her style is filled to the brim with glamorous style inspos! She believes fashion and style complement each other and go beyond satisfying the basic human necessity of clothing.

They inspire people to assert their concept of self, as well as boosting the economic sector.

Ultimate guide to work wear and elegance
OLDIE BUT GOLDIE: A vintage inspired dress with soft ruffles make for a timeless and updated yet modern feel!

You’ll find varying outfits that fit just about every woman’s individual style and leave you standing out in the best ways possible with minimal effort.

Here is why style makes her tick! Follow her at THE HOUSE OF PEACE on facebook for more style inspiration!

Q. What should 35 years olds be looking at the season?

A. Style is intergenerational and I believe that everyone should have at least one item that’s in style this season.

The most important thing though is to have an eye for timeless pieces that outlive trends.

Ultimate guide to work wear and elegance
MIX AND MATCH: Monochrome remains the undisputed fashion combination that scremas effortlessness!

Q. Less or more?

A. I believe there’s always more to come with fashion every now and then so all ages should expect more new trends and style patterns.

This season is bright with colourful floral prints, bold patterns, and lively outfits.

Ultimate guide to work wear and elegance
SPARKLE and SHINE: a return to a style code that shines elegance at its core!

Q. What’s the most ethical thing I can do this spring?

A. This spring is all about colour.

Play around with colour and make sure you look stunning. Whether it’s men or women bold colours should be the ‘it thing’ this spring.

Ultimate guide to work wear and elegance
SOPHISTICATION IN WHITE: The colour of cleanliness and sheer serenity!

Q. What kind of fashion moment are we having this season?

A. Right now everyone should buy spring outfits, men should get those spring pants and spring hats. Ladies should definitely own those spring dresses, skirts and flops.

Ultimate guide to work wear and elegance
POLKA DOTS: Add some fun in your wardrobe with a print that transcends all seasons like polka dots!

Q. What should I buy right now, today?

A. You can never go wrong with a pair of jeans, so what you buy now should match tomorrow and today’s trend. Just stay in style.

Ultimate guide to work wear and elegance
TEXTURE AND SUBTLE PRINT:Sometimes opting for a dress with a rich print is all the style check you need to elevate your outfit.

Q. What to let go of?

A. Let’s let go of Off-the-Shoulder & Transparent Shoes. Their season has ended.

Q. What’s the top high street buy?

A. Top high street buy has always been jeans , they never go out of style.

Bold, colour suits and of course sassy outfits for ladies work for outdoor and office looks.

Just remember COLOUR.

Black is the mother of all style seasons, but be open to bold-coloured accents, yellows and greens, bright blue, red and purple.

Ultimate guide to work wear and elegance
HOT AND PINK: A little step like opting for a darker shade of pink -hot pink can go a long way!

My key pieces include a black kick-hem midi dress, tops, warm, tonal palette of grey, white and beige.

Shine bright in silk, satin and sequined dresses and skirts that fall to the ankle.

Midi dresses in polka dots are in, and this summer, we can expect many more viral spotty dresses.

Ultimate guide to work wear and elegance
NEW FAVOURITES: Fashion is falling for olive green and its becoming an impressive alternative to navy and grey!

Q. Any fashion advice for someone looking to have a style as yours?

A. Make room for a stylist in your budget.

Do some research. Ask questions.

It’s not always about money. When you dress good, you feel good.

It boosts your confidence.

Make sure you Keep it simple but never boring.

Ultimate guide to work wear and elegance
COLOUR OF THE SEASON: Mustard, and yellow continues to make a style insight and checks the mood booster box of happiness.

Photography| Allen Case of CAPTION HARP

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The Voice on fashion stunner; Best dressed of the week



Best dressed of the week

Goratwa Molaabatho, a sassy style blazer with a knack for color and sheer sophistication. She is my best for this week for her undisputed choice in individuality and fashion eclecticism. I give her a 10/10 for her perfect choice in fashion threads!

Best dressed of the week
Goratwa Molaabatho

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Meet your next style statement



Meet your next style statement

Luxury re-defined

From heritage reissues and regatta timers to classics that you’ll pass on to the next generation, this is a snapshot of what 2020-in-watches looks like.

All watches are investments, but some are more obviously so than others.

For a high-grade mechanical watch, this is your entry point! Your time piece collection is incomplete without one.

This is a definitive guide to a bona fide game-changer.

It is Nako time piece by Gabriel Mothibedi and partner Tirafalo Otlhogile.

Meet your next style statement

I took time to get the fashion and style insight on you next timepiece style statement – Nako Timepiece.

Ladies, add a fantasy to his collection this coming Valentine’s.


A. We built a timepiece brand because a wristwatch is a powerful tool that not only provides the owner with the ability to tell time, but it also communicates a personal sense of style.

In addition, timepieces, as instruments that tell time crystalizes our brand philosophy of ‘time as a measure of life’ itself: time is the indefinite continued progress of existence and events that occur in an irreversible succession from the past through the present to the future.

The brand itself; Nako, embraces this conception throughout civilizations in different parts of the world and their different ways of telling time.

Meet your next style statement
THE CUTTING EDGE:A wrist wear worth adding to your collection, don’t you think?

Time is all around us, it is a measure of life and experience.

Through simple observation of the stars and changes in the seasons, day and night humans began to come up with very primitive means of scaling time, and the brand itself embraces these as they were reflected in life activities such as farming and sacred feasts; ‘nako tsa temo’, ‘letlhafula’, ‘bogwera’ le ‘bojale’ initiation ceremonies in the context of Botswana.


A. The foundation of Nako Timepieces is based on merging Horology + Heritage, hence we have country branding ‘Botswana’ on our timepieces and the Three Dikgosi concept on the back of the casing.

These timepieces are canvases through which we tell our heritage and stories.

Meet your next style statement
HERITAGE AND PRIDE REPRESENTATION: To be noticed without striving to be noticed, this is what sartorial elegance is all about.


A. A wristwatch is a powerful tool that not only provides the owner with the ability to tell time, but it also communicates a personal sense of style.

Fashion and accessories define character and style.

A person’s ensemble is a reflection of their personality; “you are what you wear.”

Meet your next style statement
DETAILED: If the small details like the crown, buckle and case back have been taken care of, and then you can rest assured that the important things haven’t been overlooked.

Therefore, our timepieces as fashion accessories are an extension of personality; a reflection of perception, lifestyle and image.

Our timepieces are fashion and lifestyle products which bear Botswana’s heritage, and stand products serve as ideals of character, as symbols of self-identity and self-expression.


A. In 2020, we are bringing a slimmer design still within the three Dikgosi edition.

We look forward to covering other demographic profiles, young and vibrant youth and a product that will be a lot cheaper than what we have now.

This is so we allow many Batswana to celebrate their heritage and take pride in their own home grown brands by having other versions which are more affordable.

Trend wise, simplicity is still key, less

is more, and that’s what we should be looking for in year 2020 and beyond.


A. Our inspiration came from our love for Botswana, our heritage and beautiful stories.

We wanted canvases on which to paint perfect pictures about Botswana, and we started with the three Dikgosi.

The Three Dikgosi Edition brings forth historical significance that dates back to 1885 when the Republic of Botswana was the Bechuanaland Protectorate.

Similar to the Three Dikgosi Monument in the Central Business District of Gaborone, that celebrates these national heroes, Nako Timepieces has an objective of commemorating and celebrating the significance of the three chiefs and the national virtues of ‘Botshabelo’ (refuge), ‘Bogaka’ (heroism), ‘Boitshoko’(endurance),‘Maikarabelo’(global responsibility)and ‘Boipuso’ (independence) that they instilled in the people of the Republic of Botswana.

The times of the three chiefs in the Bechuanaland Protectorate who fearlessly protected Batswana to 2019 modern day Botswana, a nation brimming with optimism and opportunity is why we sought to connect Nako Timepieces to the heritage and pride of Botswana.


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