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Khadi kills mother and daughter

Two Werda women got sick and died after drinking traditional beer named Khadi at home in Hereford, about 50km from Werda.

The two victims of possible traditional brew poisoning are a 60-year-old woman who died on March 27th and her daughter aged 30 who died the following day at Tsabong Primary Hospital.

Werda Police station commander, Assistant Superintendent Joel Sebotho said post-mortems have already been conducted and the remains of the beer taken for testing at the forensic laboratory.

However a report filed with the police has indicated that two days before her death, the older woman prepared the beer and left it to ferment.

The following morning she tasted it before she went to work at Ipelegeng leaving her daughter behind.

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When she knocked off, her 88-year-old neighbour accompanied her and they drank together.

The neighbor said after a few sips his stomach started hurting so he rushed to the clinic where he was treated and discharged.

Meanwhile the mother and daughter continued imbibing until they started vomiting and experiencing severe stomach pains and then rushed to the clinic.

At the clinic they were quickly refereed to the hospital where they died one after the other following admission.

Sebotho warmed against homemade brews, which he said could be hazardous to health.

“We advise those who are interested in brewing beer at home to take into consideration proper food handling protocols and also have their products tested before use,” he cautioned.

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The dead women were buried last Saturday.

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