Land servicing strategy under review

Daniel Chida
MINISTER: Mzwinila

The Ministry of Land Management, Water and Sanitation Services is in the process of reviewing its land servicing strategy.

Among other things, this will focus on the promotion of private sector participation in land servicing.

The strategy will also explore the feasibility of allocating both partially and fully serviced plots in tribal land at subsidised prices as a cost recovery.

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Responding to a question in parliament last week, the Minister of Land Management, Water and Sanitation Services, Kefentse Mzwinila revealed land boards across the country have resorted to allocating un-serviced land.

He explained this is because the demand for a land far exceeds available serviced land.

Mzwinila added his Ministry will continue allocating land based on the level of readiness for allocation in consultation with all stakeholders.

“Where all processes have been completed, excluding servicing, it is our intention to allocate with a view to servicing once funding has been sourced,” he said.

Breaking down the figures for 2019, Mzwinila revealed residential plots were allocated in un-serviced land in Lerala (300 plots), Nata (162) and Metlobo (434).

This year, allocations were carried out in Lentsweletau (80 plots), Thamaga (91 plots) and Letlhakeng (90) among others.

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Mzwinila admitted that although he appreciates the positive impact allocating un-serviced land will have on the waiting lists, the inherent problems the policy sought to address will remain eminent.

He noted some of the disadvantages of such allocations include: disorderly development of settlements, indiscriminate solid and liquid waste disposal and increased illegal and unsafe connection of services such as electricity and water.

“The above have possible downstream consequences that may result in health and safety concerns for the public,” warned Minister Mzwinila, adding the challenges of residing in un-serviced land may have undesirable consequences such as public disorder.

He further highlighted that allocation without servicing would create a land servicing backlog, which will ultimately prove more expensive as there will be a need for servicing in partially developed neighbourhoods.

The currents costs of servicing land

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Full servicing: P125, 000 per plot

Bulk servicing: P15, 000 per plot

Minimal servicing: P5, 000

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