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Little ngwana and village app

Little ngwana and village app

Ooh still on Celeb wars, Shaya is surprised by the new kid on the block, Dato Seiko’s response to Latty.

Although Latty was trying to put ‘Little Ngwana’ in her lane, she fired back calling Facebook, ‘The Village App.’ “Nna Ke hakgametse, ke busy mo Twitter kante Motho is dragging me KO that Village app (Facebook).

Seiko, Shaya has been following you through your famous brother, Mapetla and it will be advisable for you to ask for some help from him before the whole Village app comes down on you like a tonne of bricks.

Shaya knows villagers can sabotage you if you belittle them.

Twitter people hardly buy tickets for shows so know where your bread is buttered you Little Ngwana!


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